Cricket Revolution

Developed and Published by Mindstorm Studios.
Released October 2009 on PC.

Cricket Revolution

Developed and Published by Mindstorm Studios.
Released October 2009 on PC.
  1. Cricket Revolution is Mindstorm Studio’s first game, let alone their first cricket game. Its completely fresh start and a location in cricket mad Pakistan could have been the perfect combination for a great cricket game, however Cricket Revolution fails to deliver in many aspects.

    Cricket Revolution seems to not know what its target market was, the initial word of the game suggested a BLIC 07 style arcade whackabout game, however the eventual game promised realistic gameplay. This creates a game that is two sided, in some ways it is very realistic, but in others it is comically inaccurate and out of character for a cricket game.

    There are however a lot of squads, while nothing is licensed and you need to poke at some files to change the main international sides, there is a lot of potential for big things with the amount of teams included and some relatively simple patch making for many things

    Cricket Revolution’s graphics are certainly a let down, as is the lack of commentary. Both are often seen as unimportant, but together they ruin some of the atmosphere.

    Available by digital download and in limited retail DVD release for a relatively low price, many of the game’s flaws can be put to one side. However they are certainly noticeable and have a big influence on gameplay. This is recommended as a game to see things done differently, not as the only cricket game in your collection.

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    1. Features

      Online Play
      Local Multiplayer
      Autoplay/Simulation mode
      Career Mode
      In Game Player Editor
      In Game Team Editor
      Challenge mode
      Tutorial mode
      Interactive Game
    2. At a glance

      Patchable items - Nearly all graphics/sounds patchable
      • No commentary/Licences

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