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    India Team Discussion

    I just hope they directly take up the broadcast of match coverage from SKY, Channel 9, etc as they always do, unlike Star who is always determined to get their whole bunch of commentary guys for us to hear (bear).
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    Afghanistan Team Discussion Great news for Afghanistan right before the qualifiers. MS Shahzad will return to cricket on 17th Jan 2018.
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    Sri Lanka tour of India - November/December 2017

    It's a shame really and I don't see situation improving in the coming years. International ban on playing in Kotla / Delhi possible now?
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    The Ashes: (England tour of Australia)

    And yet again the best test matches being played in Australia. So pleasant to watch the crowds turning in large nos. Expecting tight contests but has to be 5-0 or 4 at best.
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    England's tour of Bangladesh

    Too early to guarantee anything.
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    Team Thread Xtremely Xplicit | Stopping the unstoppables!

    Apologies to the owner and the respective captains for my inactivity. I'm afraid things won't change in the future and it's fair to release me. Good luck for the second half. :)
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    Raja Maharaj Singh Shield Round 5, Match 14 - Amigos vs Western Monkeys - Chaleckal's match

    What a feat! That's the first time I've seen someone taking all 10 in the innings on Cricsim. Congratulations :clap
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    OD Match Thread Round 4, Match 11 - The Amigos v Nine Dragons

    Just checked that we finally opened up our account in OD's. Let's keep the momentum going. :thumbs
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    Raja Maharaj Singh Shield Round 3, Match 7 - Amigos vs Landsape

    Are we always playing against Landscape? :facepalm
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    Carlton Saunders Super Smash [Round 3] Match 8 - The Demons v The Amigos

    Gives us a glimmer of hope and much confidence to move forward in the other formats as well.
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    OD Match Thread Round 3, Match 8 - Landscape v The Amigos

    Far off from even saying that this was close.
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    OD Match Thread Round 3, Match 8 - Landscape v The Amigos

    Won't mention until the final result. :p
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    Raja Maharaj Singh Shield Round 2, Match 6 - Slipperpool vs Amigos

    Something wrong with the ratings. Just saying..
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    India's Tour Of Sri Lanka- August 2015

    Right at Kohli's face!