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    Cricket 19 General Discussion

    Hey all, wondering if there's been any talk about getting a VR mode in these games.
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    Cricket 19 Bug Report Thread - READ FIRST PAGE (Report issues with DLC here)

    Did the outside leg stump one actually read "in line" even though it quite obviously was not? I just had this happen to me (well, actually I benefited from this). AI didn't even review it and I only checked Big Eye because it seemed not out to me.
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    Pace bowling speed variations

    I've had odd times where I go from constantly working the batsman with outswingers and inswingers to bowling a sharp fast straight ball at a good length and it completely bowls them over. They miss it by a mile.
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    Random questions

    Thanks. So the mini games are there for all kinds of reflex catches. Still odd that I appeal but nothing happens unless it's LBW. I'm coming straight from DBC 14 where you could appeal for everything.
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    Random questions

    Since there's already a thread for random questions I'll ask one. Is the appeal button broken? Every time I appeal for a caught behind nothing happens yet the commentator says "I'm sure I heard a noise" or something to that effect. Am I missing something?
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    Community "GET BEST" - It is probably in your own best interest not to use Get Best

    Just bought the game and found this thread. This is amazing work. My question is, should I download whole teams after I search for Llew with logos and all?
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    Patch 3 Released!!!

    This patch was released a day before my 18 month old hid the disc on me. FMD.
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    Features you want to see in next iteration of Big Ant Cricket

    Yeah career mode is the only reason I turn on my PS3 and play this game. I just played through a 5 match Test series against England with a 2-2 result last month, and I can remember every wicket I took. If that was removed from DBC 16 my chances of getting it would drop quite a bit. As others...
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    Announcing Some Site Changes

    Thanks for all the hardwork you guys have put in over the years. There's so much behind the scenes stuff that the general population doesn't see that blew my mind when I first joined the admin/GM team (I did none of that work btw). Best of luck to you guys, and best of luck to Matt, without...
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    Don Bradman Cricket PS4/Xbox One version discussion

    Well then, if I buy this for PS4 (I probably will) I will have spent close to 200 USD on this game.
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    Features you want to see in next iteration of Big Ant Cricket

    I would love to see different animations for bowling actions to choose from. Like Side-on vs front-on action. Similarly, different animations for batting shots. You can have standard vs wristy for example. It'd be like signature shots in NBA 2K games, but that's tough to do since I'm assuming...
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    Gameplay Videos

    I had this happen while playing against my BIL, except the fielder got smacked in the face. We both laughed like idiots for a full 5 minutes.
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    Gameplay Videos

    But I thought I was special. :( Fine. Merged. :mad
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    Gameplay Videos

    But but flying stumps! Two of them!
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    Discussion Online Play General Discussion

    Had my first online experience a couple of days ago. I chose the current Pakistani squad and ended up playing against a guy with a star studded lineup (Bradman, Sachin, Warne, Akhtar, Azharuddin, etc. all in the same team). He chooses to bat with that lineup and puts up only 57 in 5 overs due to...