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    This is it - Ashes Cricket (Beta Feedback)

    I mean as default for the AI when you are batting. I'm well aware that you can choose for yourself when bowling. I would say the vast majority of off spinners bowl around the wicket to left handers these days and the same for left arm spinners to right handers.
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    This is it - Ashes Cricket (Beta Feedback)

    I hope this hasn't already been brought up (I don't think it has) but from some of the videos it looks like off spinners still bowl from over the wicket to left handers and I'm assuming this would mean that left arm spinners would also by default start from over the wicket to right handers. Is...
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    Don Bradman Cricket 17 General Discussion

    I'm sure this has already been addressed but can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I used get best before starting my career for the first time (after patch 3) but in my first 4 day game for Warwickshire all the players were in their one day kits. I went to the academy and checked that all of...
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    The LBW/Bowled Video/Discussion Thread

    YouTube - Bowled 'em Jimmy Anderson bowl Siddle whilst trying to defend.
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    C09 FAQ: Ashes Cricket Issues, Fixes and Common Questions

    Why does mike hussey keep bowling bouncers at me???
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    Ashes Cricket 2011 Wishlist

    The edges shouldn't occur if the timing is poor (as in Ashes Cricket 2009). I would like to see edges because the batsman has played down the wrong line - even if the shot is perfectly timed, you could edge the ball. This could also mean that more edges carry as the ball travels further with...
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    How are you going in Ashes Cricket 2009?

    strauss out for 96 to a shocking lbw decision - gutted :mad:
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    Review Retail Version Impressions Thread

    107/1 at lunch day 1 Much better pacing than my last effort when the AI got 187 all out off 15 overs
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    Review Ashes Cricket 2009 Press Reviews

    Review: Ashes Cricket 2009 - I suspect the reviewer wasn't playing on hard as people have reported test matches lasting over 4 days
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    Review Demo impressions thread

    I just played two hook strokes - so the AI reacted by putting two on the hook. I thought this was really good. Also the bowlers go to yorkers in the last over and the AI batsman are more defensive at the start
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    Review Demo impressions thread

    you can't view wagonwheels and things in the demo
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    Review Demo impressions thread

    YouTube - Ashes Cricket 2009 XBOX 360 Demo - Australia innings Watch my new video :D
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    Review Demo impressions thread

    My new video is now on youtube YouTube - Ashes Cricket 2009 XBOX 360 Demo - Australia innings
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    Review Demo impressions thread

    there is a big difference in difficulty between easy and hard. The speed of the ball is realistic on hard but very loopy on easy.
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    Review Demo impressions thread

    I have another gameplay video of the demo uploading onto youtube but it will take a while - so be patient :D