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  1. venkniralac

    Celebrity Cricket League:Who is The Hero:Season 1 Ends

    This may be a laughable thing to see different stars playing cricket but lets give a try.Taking Cricket to the next level.Its everyone's wish to see their favourite stars playing.This league will fullfill their wishes.In this league you dont have the difficulty of choosing a player.There are...
  2. venkniralac

    International Series :Tonner Tons it

    The League that rocked everyone is back again. This time we will have the current international series so as to make it interesting. Teams:- India(Great India) New Zealand(venkniralac) South Africa(Spymankid) Australia(Bhargav) Sri Lanka(arjind) Series:- South Africa Vs...
  3. venkniralac

    I.C.F: Season 1 Ends

    I Welcome you all to the INTERNATIONAL CRICKET FESTIVAL ICC NEWS : In order to promote cricket the ICC has decided to launch this festival. This festival is managed and hosted by Venkniralac. THIS WILL BE IN T20 FORMAT. * This is a global annual event officially sponsored by the ICC to...
  4. venkniralac

    Wpl2:marvellous maroons

    This is the official team thread marvellous maroons squadsuperstar fleming icon taylor team bat: britannia logo
  5. venkniralac

    Malolan monkeys

    squad. 1.srinivasan(c) 2.chris gayle 3.rahul dravid 4.andrew symonds 5.micheal hussey 6.koyalae (vc)(wk) 7.virendar sehwag 8.yusuf pathan 9.brett lee 10.venkayam 11.harbhajan singh 12.yuvraj singh 13.sanguly 14.lasith malinga 15.fidel edwards 16.albie morkel