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    Story SOTM- March 2010

    The time has come to select this month's SOTM. My nominations are as follows: 1. 2...
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    Story SOTM- February 2010

    The much awaited extravaganza is finally here. It's time to select February's Story of the Month! :) Here is the list of nominees decided so far: 1) Go tigers go. A Bangladeshi Story by User2010. 2) Head to Head by MaD. 3) My Career Diary by Hedger_14. 4) Pakistan Premier League by Send2yaari...
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    Togoan footballers attacked in Cabinda, four dead

    It's strange that no one has started a thread regarding this yet: Togo attack: Africa's dream is in tatters after devastating events in Cabinda - Telegraph What a vicious incident! Utterly shocking!! I guess sportspersons all over the globe have suddenly become a soft target for these moronic...
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    A sorry Dilshan!

    Dilshan 'threatens' lensman over photo with woman: India Today - Latest Breaking News from India, World, Business, Cricket, Sports, Bollywood. The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Frontpage | Dilshan Dil-scooped The local (Kolkata-based) media was flashing this news all over even an hour...
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    Promising Bengal all-rounder battling for life after car accident

    Bengal cricketer battling for life after car crash: Rediff Sports I just can't believe it! The place where the accident happened is just a few yards away from my house. And the hospital where he is admitted is only five/six buildings away from where I live! An extremely unfortunate accident...
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    BCCI sacks Prasad and Robin Singh

    BCCI sacks Prasad, Robin Singh Finally, a right decision by the BCCI. These two were doing no good to the team whatsoever, they were just making their moneybags fatter and fatter every month. Prasad and Singh have been a part of this Indian team since 2007. But, they have done nothing...
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    Mystery UFO halo over Moscow

    Mystery UFO halo in clouds over Moscow | The Sun |News Well, what's your take on this? What can be this Unidentified Flying Object? Or is it any UFO at all? I don't believe in shi!ts which say this is an alien mothership like what was shown in the "Independence Day" film. But then again, I'm...
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    A $70 zombie movie!

    No, I'm not joking! The film's budget is just $70!! :eek: One of the weirdest things I've ever come across in my life! $70 zombie movie hits the big screen -
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    Mortaza named the new Bangladesh skipper

    A bold decision. But I guess, after that lackluster performance in the WC, it would have happened someday or the other. Mashrafe named Bangladesh captain | Cricket News | West Indies v Bangladesh 2009 |
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    WPL Season 2: Diabolic Diamonds <Squad finalized> <Coach and support staff announced>

    Yup. That's my team. And I'm ready to rock'n'roll this season. Here's the logo. I'll make the kit soon.
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    Indian teenagers brutalized in Australia

    Funny thing is that nobody has started a thread regarding this yet. The Hindu News Update Service Andhra Pradesh : Australian High Comm meets External Affairs Ministry officials : 585794 What a terrible incident! How can any human being do these things! Really shocking. BTW, I was...
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    The best game(s) you have ever played

    My list: 1. Thriller/Stealth: Hitman Blood Money 2. Sports: FIFA 09 3. Action/War/Shooter: Call of Duty 4 4. Car Racing: Need for Speed Most Wanted 5. Old is gold: Medal of Honor Allied Assault Overall: Call of Duty 4 What's yours?
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    Cyclone Ayla is coming

    Yup, that's the name. And guess what? This cyclone is gonna crash land in West Bengal, or more particularly Kolkata, the city where I live within a few hours from now. The wind speed, as the Kolkata weather office predicts, will exceed 250 km/hr (Don't know why they are still calling this a...
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    The best test match wicket-keeper batsman of alltime

    Gilly, or Andy Flower? Call me a fanboy, but I'm voting for Gilly. I have been mesmerized by Gilly's batting. Love ya mister!
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    Find of the IPL

    Who is it?
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    "Hayden is a legend"

    Hayden is a legend, I never sledged him: Sreesanth LOL*infinity
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    The Slumdog Shocker II

    'Slumdog Millionaire' children back on streets, shanties razed - Yahoo! India News Just read the article.
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    The first cricket match you watched

    You remember it? I do. Mine is that 2001 India-Aus test where VVS scored 280.
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    IPL IPL 08 vs IPL 09

    Do you feel any difference? What has changed? Or has it changed?
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    IPL Eleven Knights and one blogger

    Knight Riders hit by mental blog?-?News?-?News?-? - IPL - Times of India Cricket DNA: Sport: 'Poison pen' spills KKR beans on blog This has now become the hottest issue of the local media. Who can this guy be? He claims that he's a KKR player. Might even be someone from the coaching stuff...