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  1. Wavelberry

    The New Lockdown Wacky Match-Ups Thread

    So, to make lockdown more fun (for me) I have decided to do a few Cricket 19 wacky team based experiments. Am happy to take requests and suggestions but I am going to start with a match-up that will get @Dutch and I salivating. Who will win a test series between a team of Alastair Cooks and a...
  2. Wavelberry

    World Test XI

    Bounjour Cricket Fans. Could you give me your current World Test XIs please. It's for a Cricket 19 thing I am doing. Needs at least one spinner...
  3. Wavelberry

    Ravi Bopara and Glasgow Grubbers Present: The Redemption Story

    Dateline May 2020. After a disastrous T20 competition where the mysterious owner of the new franchise 'Glasgow Grubbers' assembled a team and then proceeded to undermine them at every turn by sacking captains and firing people left and right, a message was received from the ICC. Accordingly...
  4. Wavelberry

    16 Team County League with added streaming

    Hey everyone, long time no been here. Have a fancy new setup and have a week of a free house so am gonna try streaming my 16 team county league (4 day game for the purists yo). Will stream on my twitch channel and am sure it'll be fascinating. The game... is on.
  5. Wavelberry

    Story Essex's English Premier League Escapades

    How all. The conceit is quite simple. A 16 team league (sorry Derbyshire and Leicestershire but until there's a way to make actual customisable competitions with awesome promotion etc then you're out) with home and away fixtures, There's the normal CC bonus points along with a 2pt advantage for...