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  1. passwordistaco

    Congrats Big Ant!

    #1 in the physical retail charts here in Australia. Pretty good considering it's Winter here!
  2. passwordistaco

    How are you doing in your career?

    A thread where you can put all things career mode. Coming out in the next few hours or so...#hype Aaaaand we're live!
  3. passwordistaco

    Ashes Cricket Trailer!

    In-game trailer just dropped. So Slater confirmed as a commentator, who was the English guy at around 0:42?
  4. passwordistaco

    Experimenting on DBC 17

    Hi team, I'm planning on a doing a few videos based around experimenting in the game and just wanted to hear some suggestions on things I can do. A few options I've thought of... Team of lefties v righties Team of 99 rated players v min rated players Team of batsman v team of bowlers...
  5. passwordistaco

    How are you doing in your career?

    Since Don Bradman Cricket 14 had this thread I figured it was time that Don Bradman Cricket 17 had one! Post your experiences/videos/screenshots (e.g. anything to do with your career mode) of your career mode! I will try to keep a record in this post of certain records that people may have (e.g...