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  1. Simbazz

    News Just In : Barrow Wants To Open Games (Hunger Games Style)

    Just minutes ago the great disappearance of Simon Barrow (Simbazz) ended when the gates to his mansion opened and he stepped outside to awaiting journalists. He had this to say; In all seriousness, great to see this back. I know how hard work it is to get this thing moving. I was lucky...
  2. Simbazz

    ICC 2010 iDevice edition

    Well, there doesn't seem to be a thread for this. Personally, I've got both iPhone and iPad applications and they're seriously good! Play more iPad version however as the extra real estate on screen makes for a much better experience.
  3. Simbazz

    Macbook Pro help!

    I've asked this across at a Mac forum I visit, but didn't get much help. I'm new to this Mac world, and I'm dying to know exactly how I can minimise games without quitting them. I'm quite addicted to FM10 at the minute, but I either have to play it in windowed mode, or quit the game to be...
  4. Simbazz

    Barrow: "What an early win!"

    With a week to go until the preseason tournament gets started, Simon Barrow has come out and claimed his team, The Stump Smashers, have got an even earlier win than the tournament. "I mean look at us, most of us now have matching avatars and signatures, we're looking beautiful," Barrow...
  5. Simbazz

    Review England v Australia - Review, kind of.

    Hello, Just to give everyone a little idea how games pan out I'm going to play a full test match against the Aussies. Karachi is where the match is being held, and England lost the toss and have been forced to bowl. Difficulty - Hard Camera's - Bowling - Broadcast Batting - Action Cam HUD -...
  6. Simbazz

    iPhone 4

    So who's getting it? Yes please :)
  7. Simbazz

    Just a quick question! Regarding PS3.

    Hi, I'm new here, and I was wondering whether there was any patches or fixes coming out for Ashes Cricket 2009? Nahhh, I'm joking, I know the answer, and I'm not new here, anyways onto the real stuff, Are there any patches (name changer being the top of my list) for the PS3? I know you...
  8. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Dragons Den

    Already posted up once, but seems to have got lost in the deletion of the the forum. Anyways, Dragons Den is where people stand infront of 5 investors pitching thier idea, but need money for it to go ahead. E.G, If it was me, I'd have stood up and asked for $1Million vCash in return for...
  9. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League - End of an Era.

    Well, after three (nearly) seasons we've seen some brilliant action from the first two seasons using the T25 games on the old CricSim, and to this seasons using Kshitiz's t20 simulator. We've had everything haven't we? We've had big scoring games with big hitting PlanetCricket members, to...
  10. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - League Table

    Below is the table for the PlanetCricket Premier League Season 3; Team P W D L Pts NRR 1. Manchester Divided 15 12 0 3 24 +0.80 2. Beijing Blitzers 15 8 0 7 16 -0.10 3. Vatican Victors 15 7 0 8 14...
  11. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - International Bid Winners

    Below are the winners of the PCPL International Bids. Its very strange the outcome, and I’ll be getting into contact with all teams regarding players. For those who’ve not won any, or less than 4, the PCPL will put a average price on the players depending on bids that have been placed. The...
  12. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - Last Chance!

    Hello, We're looking for a few more Simmers for PCPL3. All that will be needed of you is to have a working sim on your PC, we need you to be honest and fair, and we also need you to be dedicated and reliable. If you think fit those, please PM me within the next 48hrs and we will discuss...
  13. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - Tier D Silent-Bid

    Wasim Raja (b. 1952 d. 2006) - Pakistan Type: Pure All Rounder Wasim Raja was a glorious lefthanded strokemaker, who revelled in adversity, a useful legspinner, who also opened the bowling for Pakistan on occasions, and an outstanding, lithe cover fieldsman. He represented Pakistan in more...
  14. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - Tier C Silent-Bid

    Tier C Aravinda de Silva (b. 1965) - Sri Lanka Type: Batting All Rounder Aravinda was one of the game's best entertainers, and also one of the shortest top-class batsmen to grace international cricket at 5ft 3.5in! His record is unrivalled amongst countrymen in Sri Lanka, and his place in...
  15. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - Tier B Silent-Bid

    Dev (Pure AR) 71/97 85/80 Fast Medium Hadlee (Bowling AR) 71/76 93/76 Fast Medium Jeff Dujon (WK) 81/87 Barry Richards (Bat) 93/75 Viv Richards (Bat) 88/95 Bart King (Bowler) 40/80 95/80 FM Clarrie Grimmet (Bowler) 40/80 92/87 LBG (If I find time, and feel it necessary...
  16. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - Tier A Silent-Bid (OPEN)

    Tier A bidding Ian Botham (Batting AR) Sir Ian Botham is regarded as one of England's better all rounders from the recent past. With his questionable behaviour at times he still stole the hearts of many with over 5000 test runs and nearly 400 wickets, which is still the most wickets taken by...
  17. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - Whats that? Competition time!

    Whilst we wait for certain issues to be resolved before we start the PCPL3, we thought we might as well have a little competition. Well, more a creative art competition than Cricket. So, as you've probably heard, we're running this year, "Year of the Legends," which obviously involves myself...
  18. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - Important Announcement

    PCPL3 Delayed As most of you are aware we're going to be using Kshitiz's sim for the PCPL3, now with this means a whole new set of averages and generally a new way of life as a Cricsim competition. As with everything new, we have hit a few road-blocks along the way, and now we're at what looks...
  19. Simbazz

    PlanetCricket Premier League 3 - Team Owners READ!

    Last season, we set up a time and date to be all on MSN and have a chat. Now speaking Mr.Zorax he has informed me that it was useful enough to warrant doing it again. We've got some issues which you may want to chat about such as the new sim, the league being cut down, and just how much does...