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    Important Announcement Regarding Future of PCCL

    Hi all, Does anyone have the source code of PCCS? I am unable to find it out. Or if it is already available in any other forum, can you give me the link please? Thanks, Nikhil
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    SimKit [DEFUNCT]

    Also, I am an Analytics student. So, if you need any help with developing algorithms for wickets or runs or anything that I can do, I would be happy to help. I am somewhat proficient in R but I am not a developer.
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    SimKit [DEFUNCT]

    No need of a quick fix. Take your time. I know you do it out of your passion for cricket and nothing else. Plus you will also have your time constraints as your would be working as well. Just wanted to bring it to your notice. But I am definitely beta testing whatever updates you release. The...
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    SimKit [DEFUNCT]

    I have tested the sim extensively as I conducted a simulated tournament in it and I would like to point out the Pros and Cons of it: Pros: Free to use. Easy to create and edit players. Takes into account the mentality of the players - Aggressive, Moderate and Defensive. Takes into account the...
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    PlanetCricket Awards 2010 - Nominations for Cricketing Awards

    Most Underrated Cricketer-Suresh Raina