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    Cricket 19 - PS5 / Xbox Series X

    Hey guys just wanted to know will Cricket 19 work with the PS5 or Xbox as we now know the release dates. Hopefully @BigAntStudios can confirm this or maybe a new cricket game releasing?
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    Host nation custom ODI/T20 WC Not fixed

    Since the game has been released and many posts regarding the issue and requesting this to be looked at since patch 1.03 i am disappointed that the issue regarding host nation custom WC/T20 is still not sorted out. When ever you choose another country as host its always defaults to Aus and Eng...
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    Injuries during Tour mode

    Hey all! Just something I have discovered, I just did a Pak tour to Australia and when playing my first ODI, Pak hit 255 with Fakhar Zaman hitting 154 from 166balls I got a pop up saying Fakhar has injured his hamstring!! Ive never seen this before and I couldnt select him for the remaining...
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    Logo issues and Host Nation stadiums help

    Hey guys I have downloaded from the academy the updated logos for the international teams however when playing a tournament ODI / T20 WC the logos show up pixelated/blurred like they are proper messed up!! Ive attached a pic aswell. Any idea how to fix this? Also i wanted to add when setting...
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    PS4 Pro Enhanced question

    Hey guys just wanted to ask if the PS4 pro version of Cricket 19 will be ps4 pro enhanced ive seen details that the Xbox One X version is enhanced would be a shame if the PS4 wasnt. Hopefully @MattW or @BigAntStudios can confirm this?
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    Logos being deleted PS4

    Hi guys just wanted to know how I can manage to fix the logo deletion problem. In the space of 3 days all my logos from downloaded teams and stadiums have been deleted and then I had to download them again. Ive had to redownload everything again 5 times! Now after downloading the latest patch...
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    Cricket Academy Community not working

    Hey guys is the Cricket Academy down or something? I cant seem to download anything, when I search for a team to download it just loops on the screen downloading teams and nothing loads after that. I have the 1.04 patch installed. I have restarted my PS4 and also checked internet connection all...
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    Access to Academy error

    hi guys just loaded up DBC to download some stuff on the academy and I was greeted with this error message "Use of user-generated media is not allowed for your account" i dont understand what that means. I used the academy earlier and everything was working fine? @MattW @BigAntStudios any help...
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    Host Nation hosting tours help

    Hey guys any idea on how we can set up tours with the host nation hosting it? I.e lets say a T20 WC in Australia how do we set this up so all matches are played at the host nation grounds? Ive tried everyhing possible but cant do it. Any help would be great? @MattW @BigAntStudios
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    Game crashes after changing grounds in Tour Mode

    Hi guys, just a quick question when doing a tour on DBC and choosing to override the grounds the game crashes to desktop! Any idea how to fix this? Hope MattW or Ross or somebody from the BA team can get this looked at, as many people have posted this in the PC thread but no answer.
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    Work or Study survey for my dissertation

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me answer a few questions for a survey im doing for my dissertation would mean alot, its just three simple questions, click this link Work or Study survey thanks guys :yes
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    Pitch Adds help

    I was wondering which file format can pitch adds be made, I know the dimensions have to be 256x512, but can I save it as a .psd file and import it with BIG editor?
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    Ashes Cricket 2009 crashes

    hey guys, AC09 seems to crash on my computer, im running it on Windows 7 and the game works fine until the first ball is bowled and as soon as it pitches it crashes! I have tried running it on compatability mode but same thing happens? My PC is pretty good to run it, any idea how to fix this?
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    External Hard Drive not recognized

    I have been trying all day trying to get my external hard drive to be recognized by WinXp but its not working and really beginning to :mad: me. I check the Device Manager and can see my Maxtor HD there, but when I click My Computer its not there. Also when I click the USB controllers in...
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    ICC Champions Trophy stumps (request)

    hey guys.. could somebody make the ICC trophy stumps.. here is a pic: thanks :)
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    ICC Champions Trophy 2006 TV Graphics

    hey guys.. i was wondering if anybody has spare time.. could they try and make the ICC Champions Trophy graphics.. Here are some screenshots ::cheers
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    New Umpire uniform request

    hey guys.. ive been watching the ODI series between Pakistan and England and it seems the umpires are wearing blackshirts instead of the classic blue shirt.. so is it possible for somebody to make the new uniform?? thanks guys
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    Pakistan Asia Cup 2004 Kit request

    hey guys, i was wondering could somebody make the Asia cup 2004 ODI kit Pakistan was using in that tournemant.. here are some screens:: thanks guys :cool:
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    Umar Gul face - Request

    hey guys could somebody make a umar gul face because he's the only one missing from the pakistani face pack.
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    Pakistan ODI Kit 2006 [New Sponsor]

    hey guys.. here are some pics of the new Pakistan ODI kit they used against Scotland today... : - can any1 try and make this kit.. thanks alot guys :cool: