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  1. Markkkkk

    AMA Markkkkk

    Ask me anything! I’m Markkkkk, former PC no life and Cricket 07 GOAT modder* *Thats not true
  2. Markkkkk

    South Africa tour of England

    ODI Series: 1st ODI- England vs South Africa at Headingley, Leeds 2nd ODI- England vs South Africa at The Rose Bowl, Southampton 3rd ODI- England vs South Africa at Lord's, London T20 Series: 1st T20- England vs South Africa at The Rose Bowl, Southampton 2nd T20- England vs South Africa at...
  3. Markkkkk

    Markkkkk's Review

    You know how it goes. We've all seen reviews before and I have decided to give it a shot. Sadly I'm not the best at long writing as I tend to get carried away but whatever. I've played Don Bradman for a long enough time now that I can make a fairly valid opinion on the game, and I'm sorry...
  4. Markkkkk

    Player ratings guide

    Since we've started I've noticed that player ratings vary quite a lot across teams. I figured we should agree upon a standardized rating system (which will undoubtedly change as the game progresses) to ensure a realistic experience. As long as we have a rough guide for now it will be good...
  5. Markkkkk

    Markkkkk's World Tours

    Cricket fans have witnessed one of the greatest overhauls in the history of sport. The ICC has recently been bought by tycoon Sportsbook phenomenon Markkkkk. As he is in charge he has the responsibility to set up, organize, run and overlook all tours. Who will suffer? Who will prevail? Will...
  6. Markkkkk

    Matches Posted Ram Slam T20- Chasing Woes

    Teams & Squads | Fixtures & Results | Stats and Standings | Rules | Grounds The South African T20 tournament has been taken over by world known PlanetCricket Icon @Markkkkk *. The goal is to improve the finances and support for South African Domestic cricket. Markkkkk redid the logo himself as...
  7. Markkkkk

    Black Ops 3

    So is anyone getting Black Ops 3? Preordered it and now I'm counting down the hours! First good cod in 2 years!
  8. Markkkkk

    South Africa's Fast Bowling Depth

    So today I was browsing through Cricinfo, and I began to notice the depth that South Africa has for a bowling unit. My order of best South African bowlers: 1. Dale Steyn- Yea we all know him, utter beast if I'm honest. 2. Morne Morkel- Doesn't have the same rewards as Steyn, but he is the...
  9. Markkkkk

    AI in Video Games

    So my friends are saying that AI doesn't exist in video games. I used the example of DBC and how the batsmen react to where the ball is bowled and the circumstances (well they're supposed to). They are saying that it's programmed and that if it had AI it could play AB shots by going on the...
  10. Markkkkk

    IPL I am lost...

    So to be fair, Did not watch the game. But I saw the DD scorecard vs SRH and I need someone to clarify something for me... So, chasing 160 odd is not going to be a walk in the park, correct? You need a good start. Correct? The IPL teams pay lots of money for overseas players. Correct? You wan't...
  11. Markkkkk

    PSN and Microsoft Live DDOS

    So it's pretty well known that Xbox and Playstation have been 'hacked' by lizard squad with a DDOS and I was wondering what everyone's opinion is of this and whether they know anything extra...
  12. Markkkkk

    PS3: DBC14 GML- The Most Advanced League Yet! Sign Ups Open!

    Okay well with the amount of people playing DBC14 I thought it would be a good idea to create something similar to Battrick. It would take a lot of effort so I would need lots of help running it. So let me tell you what I'm thinking. 1. We have different leagues for each country. They would...
  13. Markkkkk

    Your Cricket Road to the Top- My Battle for Professional Cricket

    Okay we'll I know this might be more applicable in the stories subforum but no one goes on there so I might as well keep it to myself! Anyway this is basically where I will be posting in a way a 'story' of my climb from "Can't be selected for Gauteng' to, hopefully, "International cricketer"...
  14. Markkkkk

    DBC14 In Sa- 4th of April on PS3+Xbox

    Okay since we heard about the delay it is now confirmed that the game will release on Friday the 4th April. Megarom have confirmed that the game is back on track. Happy DBC14 to all you South Africans! PSN: moose007za-moose007za Darkwolfie-DaRkWoLfIe18 Gentoras- Gentoras Xbox Live:
  15. Markkkkk

    Cricket Academy: Player Request Threads

    Well since I haven't seen a thread like this before I tell you what it is about. For people like me who can't make players to save their funny little lives, it's rather difficult when you can't find a player you need on CA. So this thread will be useful for people asking a person who CAN make...
  16. Markkkkk

    PS3: South African Premier League|| Lets start the warm ups!

    South African Premier League Logo will come when i make friends Teams: Johannesburg Spartans BradTheLad East London Knights Chaman82 Centurion Bulls EastHouse Durban Wolves Gentoras Bloemfontein Vikings Solomon Cape Town Lions Acid Burn How will you guys play? I will make a tournament...
  17. Markkkkk

    To everyone who brought the game...

    HAHA B*TCHES YOU $20 POORER NOW!!!!!!!!!! You may now close this thread before Biggs or 79Cricket Sexually abuse me
  18. Markkkkk

    Ashes Wikipedia troll?

    *Sarcastic voice* Who on earth would do such a thing? That is so(not) cruel! Do the public really need to know this stuff(yes)? I wonder who it was? *End of sarcastic voice*
  19. Markkkkk

    FOOTBALL Fifa 14 worst Fifa yet?

    Well i purchased FIFA(like always) and noticed that the game lags, lots of bugs and many glitches that need fixing. Also the new Dynamic camera is basically a fan camera. Then EA Forum is going berserk with bug lists and errors. Ratings have been poor(like always). Arsenal have been hit the...
  20. Markkkkk

    Current test greats

    With the past generation of Warne,Murali, Hayden and Ponting behind us, you do you think is going to be known as one of the test greats? A great in my books is someone who will be remembered in 30-40 years like Botham, Hadlee, Bradman and their stats are unnatural. My greats of this...