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  1. MasterBlaster76

    Are there any sound mods for Cricket 19 PC?

    While the sound overall is quite good, there are a couple of areas that need work and I was wondering whether there have been any audio mods? It would be great to hear actual cricket chants in the game as this would really add to the immersion. Plus, and this might just be me, I really don't...
  2. MasterBlaster76

    Time to upgrade...

    Hi guys! Long time no see. It's time to upgrade my ageing GPU - it won't run Fifa 17 and that is not an acceptable situation! So, with a budget of £100 - £150 (I might stretch to £200), what would you suggest? I'm thinking Nvidia as AMD/ATI has given me no end of issues. Specs in my sig. The...
  3. MasterBlaster76

    WWE 2k15 on Steam!

    That's right folks. You heard me right and no it's not April Fools day ha ha! WWE 2k15 is now on Steam - FINALLY! WWE HAS COME BACK TO THE PC! Anyone got it yet by any chance? :D
  4. MasterBlaster76

    Bluetooth headsets - how secure are they?

    I recently picked up a Bluetooth headset for my phone as my MP3 player had packed up and I decided to kill two birds with one stone by buying a headset that could play my music as well as be used for calls - sometimes my phone would ring and I'd fail to hear it because of the MP3 player's music...
  5. MasterBlaster76

    Sound configuration question.

    Before I upgraded my system, I was able to have sound playing through my PC speakers, but when I turned on my big screen TV, the sound would also come through my TV's speakers, which is how I wanted it to be. Now for some reason, the sound remains on the PC speakers regardless. I can change it...
  6. MasterBlaster76

    Tips for Pro cam batting

    I've been having a go at Pro mode batting and I like the way it immerses you fully into the game, and if you have pro cam when running, you can immediately see whether the ball you just hit has passed the fielder. Trouble is, how do you tell where your off stump is when in this mode? I find it...
  7. MasterBlaster76

    Minutes/data monitor?

    What is the best app for accurately monitoring minutes/data on a phone contract? Most of the ones I've searched have had mixed reviews.
  8. MasterBlaster76

    Annoying problem with one game after upgrade

    I've recently upgraded to the specs shown in my sig - the only old component is the GPU - and I'm having an annoying problem with one particular game, as detailed below. I've asked the official forum, but no one there seems to be able to help: The game in question is Battle of Britain 2 -...
  9. MasterBlaster76

    Motorsport Michael Schumacher fighting for life after ski accident

    BBC News - Michael Schumacher 'fighting for life' after ski accident I was just buying some milk and bread in my local newsagent when I saw the headline on a newspaper! Fight like a champ, Schuey. Our best wishes go with you. :(
  10. MasterBlaster76

    New motherboard in not too distant future

    I know the CPU and RAM from my current board won't play ball - I wouldn't want them to anyway - but what about things like PCI Wireless Cards, PCI USB ports and PCI-E GPUs? Do the new motherboards have the same PCI and PCI E slots as the old ones do?
  11. MasterBlaster76

    Sumvision Indigo Gaming Keyboard

    Hi all. Does anyone have one of these? I need a new keyboard, as the A,S and D keys on my trusty old Microsoft are almost entirely worn out. I'd really like a backlit keyboard and this one seems to fit the bill, but I can't find out whether it has back/forwards keys for surfing the...
  12. MasterBlaster76

    Amount of devices connected to Wi-Fi limited?

    For some reason, our broadband will only connect to a limited amount of devices. For example, if it's supposed to be connected to my PC, my nephew's PC, my phone and his phone, one of the phones won't be able to use Wi-Fi. Any idea what's going on here and how to sort it out? I'm using BT...
  13. MasterBlaster76

    Computer date/time keeps changing

    This morning it was in 2007... That's got to be the motherboard's battery, yeah? So the question is, what sort of battery do I need to get to replace it? Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-S3
  14. MasterBlaster76

    F1 2013 to have classic content!

    To be completely honest, the F1 series had fallen off my radar a bit - but then today I came across a video that put it firmly back on there - I have wanted classic cars in F1 since the start! Do we know which series will be in there? I really want 1989 and 1994! Senna v Prost and Schumacher vs...
  15. MasterBlaster76

    Dual band wireless adapter

    I've recently switched from Sky BB to BT Broadband - the BT Sport offer was too good to pass up. BT of course has the BT HomeHub, which is a dual band router - a far cry from the crappy Sky router. What I'm trying to find out is whether I'd see much of a speed/performance increase if I buy a...
  16. MasterBlaster76

    E3 2013!

    http://uk.gamespot.com/e3/ So far, my personal favourites are: PES 14: Rome 2: Wolfenstein The New Order. I like this because of the theme: the Nazis won World War Two and have basically changed the entire world. I love alternate history games. :D There's lots of good stuff at E3!
  17. MasterBlaster76

    FOOTBALL EA's Ignite engine vs PC Modders

    One's Fifa 13 modded (by amateurs), one's Ignite (an all new shiny engine made by professionals). :D Which one's which? :D
  18. MasterBlaster76

    FOOTBALL PES 14 info - Fifa has its work cut out. ;)

    PES 14 screens - are these for real? Wow. Just... wow! The 'Ignite' engine has its work cut out...
  19. MasterBlaster76

    FOOTBALL Fifa 14 PC news. It ain't good.

    https://twitter.com/RobHodson_/status/336972909438443520 The PC's not getting the 'NG' engine. Damn you to bloody hell, EA!
  20. MasterBlaster76

    Sir Alex retires!

    I turned on my PC to check my emails, and instead I got this bombshell! So, who will replace him? Will this news make Jose think twice about Chelsea? Will it be Moyes? Will it be Klopp? We'll have to wait and see... Que sera, sera etc... :D One thing's for certain: this is...