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  1. harshadakkawar

    Review: Curiocity about DBC14

    Yeah :D :p this need to discuss, Piracy !!! Actually this game is available on torrents and many happy users are there for such games. Every new game after its release gets available for download. Its good for those users who dont have much money to actually but it !!! I just need to confirm...
  2. harshadakkawar

    Review: Curiocity about DBC14

    Can anybody let me know what is the difference between purchased game and pirated game which is available for the download via torrent? What makes it different from one another? How many of you actually have bought this game? Just curious :D :cheers
  3. harshadakkawar

    Features you want to see in next iteration of Big Ant Cricket

    How can we be the away team? do we able to select the side from which team we play? As I experience till now. We are always played as a team which is on left hand side and right hand side will be the computer team. Am I right? Can we play from both team, alternatively? like bat with one team...
  4. harshadakkawar

    Features you want to see in next iteration of Big Ant Cricket

    Where do I need to change this or what options or controls for it. Please let me know.
  5. harshadakkawar

    Features you want to see in next iteration of Big Ant Cricket

    Need some features ...!!! i have just started playing this game so till now I need some features as below, 1) Able to select user and computer teams before starting the match and should be able select/change this role at any time. so we can play as batting team from both the sides. 2)...
  6. harshadakkawar

    Review: First Impressions of DB14 on PC

    :yes I knocked over the stumps through legs of the batsman on my very first ball the innings while playing casual match between Mumbai Indians and English county team.:wave I was playing as Mumbai Indian and that bowl speed was 151 KPH :D;):cheers
  7. harshadakkawar

    Post your questions about the game here!

    Some questions and reviews about DBC14 Hi guys, I started playing this game yesterday on PC. I have not looked completely to it as I dont have a my internet connection available at the moment. but whatever I checked till now, I have some questions on this. 1) I played casual match and...
  8. harshadakkawar

    Requests Accepted AC09 Requests thread

    Can anybody tell me how to play with cutscenes ? I want to get actiavted all the cutscenes? please let me know how to do it.
  9. harshadakkawar

    Need help Guys ... !!!

    Hello Guys, I am harshad and I am new to the ashes cricket 2009, i didnt have graphic card earlier so i was unable to play ashes 2009 but i have one now and playing and enjoying it. After that i came to this ashes 09 download thread but before this, I was a moder of Cricket 2007 and i have my...
  10. harshadakkawar

    No Requests Biggs Kits | C09 Modding still suspended but...

    hello your kitpack version 3 link is working, it just ask to donwload but doesnt get download Biggs Kit Pack (63,15 MB) - Please upload on mediafire or something else , please update multiple links for this. I want to use this kits. Please upload soon Thanks