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  1. Chetan0304

    Shahid Afridi to retire from Tests

    I heard like we get 100vcash for creating threads? :D oh btw i just caught up this Pakistan news: Shahid Afridi to retire from Tests | Cricket News | Pakistan v Australia 2010 |
  2. Chetan0304

    Paul the Psychic Octopus is dead!

    The most discussed topic after the vuvuzelas and the Jabulani ball is Paul the oracle octupus in Germany.. He will be in great demand in the coming football seasons, but Octopus have a short life expectancy of 3years. till then the aquarium guys will have a good business going.... :yes
  3. Chetan0304

    NASA's Moonbase Alpha

    On Steam => Moonbase Alpha on Steam anyone tried it? looks dull, one of a kind game though
  4. Chetan0304

    Cricinfo all broken for me!

    I missed yesterday's Pak Vs Oz T20 match, for scoreboard i checked, but it looks all messed up, i guess its only with me. :( screen i use chrome (up to date version)
  5. Chetan0304

    5 Best Flash Based Cricket Games

    Now don't complain the gameplay :p Play Top Spinner Cricket Game free online flash game - Free flash games, football games and more - Mousebreaker Flash Cricket - the home of Mousebreaker's free online cricket game npower Test Series...
  6. Chetan0304

    IPL Brian Lara to play in IPL next year?

    Modi sounds Brian Lara IPL call: Rediff Sports Brian Lara to play in IPL next year? Modi mentioned but not sure! The news in the air! what you guys think??
  7. Chetan0304

    Need help buying a new gfx card!

    Alright let me first admit it i m a big dumboo in this stuff. i always google things before buying it. As PlanetCricket is one of my most visited forum i would like to have help from you experts in here :) After a huge session of saving,(from time Ashes Cricket release) cutting down my...
  8. Chetan0304

    US is world's laziest nation: Survey

    US is world's laziest nation: Survey - Yahoo! India News :p
  9. Chetan0304

    Texas pilot air attack on US tax office

    BBC News - Texas pilot air attack on US tax office Remains of 2 found after Austin plane crash - First his house then the crash.
  10. Chetan0304

    Hockey world cup 2010

    The 2010 Hockey World Cup will be the twelfth instalment of the Men's Hockey World Cup. On November 14, 2007, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) announced that the championship would be held in India, taking place over two weeks from Feb 28 to March 13, 2010 at New Delhi's Dhyan Chand...
  11. Chetan0304

    Just 1411 left

    Save Our Tigers | Home From around 40,000 tigers at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India. 2009 was the worst year for tigers in India, with 86 deaths reported. There are 37 Tiger sanctuaries in India. However, 17 sanctuaries are on the verge of losing...
  12. Chetan0304

    Google Chrome Extensions Noticed this just today :p Installed a few. Picnik : Capture web pages and edit images right in your browser using Picnik Google Translate: we know it AdThwart :blocks ads Recommend a few/must have
  13. Chetan0304

    Bowler / Batsmen who can make it to the national senior side

    U19 world cup is on, a tournament where players perform to grab attention from the selectors to make it into the senior side. It's too early to judge, but who have the potential? who's your pick?
  14. Chetan0304

    Eoin, Virat or Umar?

    Eoin Morgan | England Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials | Umar Akmal | Pakistan Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials | Virat Kohli | India Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials | They are young and are really getting into cricket at...
  15. Chetan0304

    Google launches the Nexus One phone

    California: Google has unveiled its new Nexus One smartphone on Tuesday, the culmination of collaboration with HTC. “I think you will see it pushes the limits of what’s possible on a phone,” HTC chief executive Peter Chou said as the smartphone debuted at Google headquarters in California, US...
  16. Chetan0304

    Guru Gary Kirsten

    How good he has been lately in his job? :hpraise
  17. Chetan0304

    Not much pace left

    Lee is injured, Bond has declared retirement in one form, they are one of the best in pace bowling, but unfortunately they come up rarely this days that too in short form. even actor is out.
  18. Chetan0304

    Go back A Nehra !

    He can bat, bowl and field. :hpraise But we need someone is more deserving and better than him. Forget the last over he bowled focus the chances he missed and his crap bowling.
  19. Chetan0304

    They should have been Playing...

    The Thread title sucks i know :doh I m talking about some players who were axed just for some handy games, one of them "M Kaif"
  20. Chetan0304

    PCCS Announcement??

    LOL! When i click the recent ann by Sohum (PCCS Open Beta - 0.1.1) i get redirect to this thread. LOL "Any girl out here" Janam samjha karo" :rtfl :rtfl