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  1. MuchMore

    Your Cricket Tool/Website to create Field Settings

    Any tools/websites out there that let you create field settings? The idea is to create a bunch of fields for our weekend cricket matches. But I can't seem to find a tool that lets me create fields on my mac. Tried installing DBC14 demo on my mac via virtualBox but couldn't run it successfully...
  2. MuchMore

    Happy birthday DBC

    Exactly one year since I received this game. (Thanks to a pretty neat feature /onthisday from FB that reminded me of this) @BigAntStudios Take a bow, you've certainly started something great here. Now, where is my patch 3?
  3. MuchMore

    Mohammad Yousuf to come out of retirement

    Yet another time :p Cricinfo article. Is retirement some joke or what? :D EDIT: He was also 'indefinitely' banned by PCB. Adds to the overall joke :p
  4. MuchMore

    Night Test Matches

    Just had one of the more realistic matches.. After winning first 4 matches of Ashes against Australia, The Convicts came out fighting in the last match of the series to avoid the 5-0 embarrassment. I usually take 60~65 overs max to get any side all out in test matches where in today...
  5. MuchMore

    T20 of the past

    The idea is to select your team of player of pre-T20 era for a T20 match. It means, you can't choose any player who plays or has played T20 at international level or IPL and similar level. My XI will be: 1) Zaheer Abbas 2) Mark Waugh 3) Viv Richards - undoubtedly the most destructive pre-T20...