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    Cricket22 Xbox Known Issues & Workarounds/Improvements

    Hi, ——————— UPDATE: 13Jan 2022 (xbox1x with latest patch 1595) PROS: - Need to set run rate at 20-25 in limited over games to get AI run pace realistically - Offside shots have been balanced - Fix for power play bug is as below If you want to edit listA type match. E.g: i want 35 over intl game...
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    Hands on/Review time

    ONE LINE:"Value for money and worth buying if you are cricket game lover, apart from all goods the best part is AI" RATING: 9.5/10 (0.5 i am reserving for very very few tweaks still in game but there are so much good stuff in game as i cant figure out any bad if we see overall GAME) DETAILS...
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    Appreciable/Hats off stuff

    Hi, Just to say thanks to BA or appreciate the working of developers so far based on pre-released videos or images, Here my list of those for which hatts off and excellent work done undoubtedly - outstanding graphics - addition of alternate control mechanism - mindblowing real faces for aus...
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    DBC17 Any further patching or fullstop

    Everyone is talking about Ashes and that's really good but what about game which is in our hands talking about DBC17. @MattW @BigAntStudios are you further patching current bugs present in DBC17 game or you just put a full stop and move on to next title as Its been long no hearing from you on...
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    Covers behind Screens

    Can anyone guide how to create covers on stands those are just behind the screen/SS as shown in picture. Its from "Sharjah stadium" that downloaded from community.
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    Review: Most Annoying bugs in dbc17 after patch 4

    Dear @BigAntStudios I m great fan of ur cricket dbc14 and even played hours of hours and everytime when i played i really enjoyed but after dbc17 even patch 4 update as well, game is still boring and annoying at some times Specially "continous field change" and extra easy or non competitive...
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    Dear @BigAntStudios After patch4 thats really big improvement in gameply and thanks for all your support so far. Just one thing its a kind request to please think on "Earned Stats" feature just like DBC14 in this game as well either you update it via PATCH or ADDON. Not only me even many...
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    PS4 version ISSUES

    Dear PC users Highly appreciate your feedback in "yes" or "no" or "improved than before". Note: I know there is a bug thread but once i get answer from PC users if below bugs have already addressed or not after latest patch, accordingly i will post in detail in bug thread the remaining ones...
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    Poll for DBC17 detail stats

    As subject saying to inform BA that do we need stats like dbc14 or no stats like current is ok. Highly appreciate your response so atleast BA come to know stats is one of the key feature which i dont know why they removed in dbc17. Note: i know ross updated for career stats that they are...
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    DBC17 Patch2 Wishlist

    Hi, The game is great no doubt but there are few minor tweaks if BA consider in upcoming patch that would be awesome. Moreover others wishlist is also welcomed after hands on experinece as below i noticed after playing 6-8 hrs. - Areial marker (red circle around the ball) need to completely...
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    DBC17 hands on & review

    dear community, I am starting this threads so people can post their pros and cons after hands on experiece. Along with suggestion or improvements are also welcomed. PROS: - great change in graphics as compared to dbc14 - excellent smoothness bcoz 60 fps - New main UI & overlay is perfect -...
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    DBC14 on PS4

    Dear @BigAntStudios First of all, thanks for bringing a great game for us as nowdays i am playing on legend on ps3 and its really bestest ever game with such AI. Like many of cricket lovers, i also want to know possible date of don bradman cricket on ps4 arrival. Next year there is ashes...