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    My Batting Advice

    I cannot even touch the ball in Pro mode, does anyone have any advice? I keep missing every single delivery in Pro mode.
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    FC game request thread

    Sri Lanka vs NZ starts tomorrow and nothing created yet.
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    England v South Africa T20 Series 2012

    Wow that last T20 took me from #9 to #1!!
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    England v South Africa ODI Series 2012

    Bairstow's 29 runs in the final ODI helped me clinch the 3rd spot! Sucks that he didn't play in all the matches.
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    Australia v India 2nd Test 2011

    I have both Clarke and Ponting so that's good, but I made Dravid my captain. So here's hoping Dravid hits a century in the 2nd innings.
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    Pakistani Tour of New Zealand, Dec-Feb 2010/11

    I'm pretty sure that in all the collapses we have had over the past couple of years we have probably lost 6 wickets in 15 overs once or twice at least. What the could have done is that have Misbah defend and the other person attack or something like that. But the cautious approach is...
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    Pakistani Tour of New Zealand, Dec-Feb 2010/11

    Add to the fact that we have had several batting collapses in the past 3-4 years.
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    Pakistani Tour of New Zealand, Dec-Feb 2010/11

    They don't want to take risks and rightly so. Lead series 1-0, haven't won a series in 4 years, so of coarse Pakistan first want to make sure they are safe then go for win if there enough wickets remaining. Younis got out otherwise they were looking good.
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    Pakistani Tour of New Zealand, Dec-Feb 2010/11

    Yep no controversy yet, but we do still have 1 Test and 6 ODI's remaining so let's not count it out yet :P Bowling was never going to be a worry for Pakistan, it was mainly batting and fielding. Batsman did quite well, and the fielding was overall good with just 1 dropped catch. There were...
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    Indian tour of South Africa, December-January 2010/11

    Lol I remember during the highlights one of the commies mentioned it was 602 in this year.
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    Dec 16-20: 3rd Test - Australia v England at Perth

    Finally the series has come alive again with Aussie fightback. I don't know who to support. I started off supporting England, but watching Johnson's bowling yesterday changed my mind!
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    Indian tour of South Africa, December-January 2010/11

    I know you are not competing with Australia that was # 1. The point is that people shouldn't bring up the excuse of the conditions, especially when you are on top of the table and claim to have the best batting lineup. It's not as if India did not know that they were going to face these...
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    Indian tour of South Africa, December-January 2010/11

    When you're the # 1 team you shouldn't bring up such excuses and be able to play in all conditions. That is what teams like Australia did when they were # 1 for so long. I thought India had the best batting line up? can it only perform in perfect batting conditions?
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    Pick a test XI of your favourite players

    Very difficult to pick..but these are the ones that come to my mind right away. Saeed Anwar Chris Gayle (or Andrew Strauss) Ricky Ponting Younis Khan Sachin Tendulkar Adam Gilchrist Andrew Flintoff Wasim Akram Shane Warne Shoaib Akhtar Shane Bond 12th man: Brett Lee
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    Nov 25-29: 1st Test: Australia v England at Brisbane

    Great to see England fight back in this match, enjoyed every bit of the counter attack by Strauss and Cook after the 1st hour. This is how you fight back! Also good to see how the England players support each other and play as a team (dressing room celebrations at Cook century)! Now only if...
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    New Zealand in Bangladesh, October 2010/11

    Very happy for Bangladesh team. They won without their best batsman Tamim Iqbal, now that makes this win even better.
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    Spot Fixing Scandal Thread: The Legend Continues

    I wouldn't be surprised either, but I'm sure ICC are investigating that in some way. All I'm saying is that the 7 that were accused to begin with, have their own group. That's why we saw Riaz wearing that jacket full of money, but that money actually ended up in Butt's hotel room....because Butt...
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    Spot Fixing Scandal Thread: The Legend Continues

    Then how come SY not even questioned Amin and Wahab even when they had video? You can only put blame on players that are actually involved and are being taken a look at by ICC. Even Akmal was not found guilty. The main culprit was Butt and he's caught, the others seem to me to be part of his...
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    Spot Fixing Scandal Thread: The Legend Continues

    According to the news reports he was approached by an Airline company for sponsorships (from what I remember). and what secret information? did you actually see the video? he basically says "yes yes" to pretty much everything we already know. The chat transcript provided by NOTW and video...
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    Spot Fixing Scandal Thread: The Legend Continues

    Because he did not know that they were NOTW? If you look at the video, it seems more like a causal chat then an interview. It was obviously secretly taped and Hameed had no idea he was speaking to a reporter. ali_ed2001 added 2 Minutes and 5 Seconds later... So 3 players being...