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  1. thedon5

    RIP Robin Williams :(

    Deserves it's own thread, grew up with this guy :( .
  2. thedon5

    PlanetCricket World Cup Fantasy League

    I have created a league for the McDonald's Fantasy Game. It works a lot like the Euro 2012 one, so make sure you go hard on the subs. McDonald?s FIFA World Cup? Fantasy Password is "MattW" with caps. My team took me hours to build, very happy with it, will post it after the deadline:D.
  3. thedon5

    Newbie Classic Mafia III - Endgame - Mafia (Umair2000 and khaleel) WIN

    We need 7 players for this. Straightforward, you must be considered a newbie to played, i.e. only 1 or 2 games played or you just don't think you're that great at Mafia and think you could improve. Players: 1) Umair2000 - Wins. 2) Dipak - Lynched Day 1. 3) sos - Killed Night 0. 4) Aggz...
  4. thedon5

    Police Academy Mafia II - Endgame - Town (Varun, yashdude, Simon WIN)

    1 Mafia 1 Sane Cop 1 Insane Cop 1 Naive Cop 1 Paranoid Cop First in first served. Competency in Mafia is needed. 1) Simon - WIN. 2) yashdude101 - WIN. 3) Yudi - Killed Night 1. 4) Sulaiman7 - Lynched Day 2. 5) Varun - WIN. Reserve) Zhuorb
  5. thedon5

    Assassin in the Palace Mafia I - Endgame

    I'm a fan of unorthodox set-ups, this one looks very interesting, so let's have a go at it. Not just unorthodox, this one is barely Mafia:D. I feel this one could also really improve the gameplay and scumhunting of some players. This is a nightless open set-up game. There will be rigid time...
  6. thedon5

    Medical Mafia I - Endgame

    This is a 9-man open set-up game. There is no lethal night 0 like in recent games, we start at day 1. Roles: 2 x Mafia Goons - Either goon can perform the kill. No talking in the QT during the day, or else you will be MOD-KILLED. 1 x Doctor - Your standard Doctor. 1 x Weak Doctor -...
  7. thedon5

    Football Tipping 13/14

    All right I'll give this a go since no-one else is though I'll be very slow to update points so would appreciate help in that regard. Had to start it now due to a lot of big games this week! Six games per week! Prize of all my vCash to the winner at the end of the season (or when tipping...
  8. thedon5

    Offensive Combat Anyone played this? Heard of it today on FB, and it's pretty fun:D. Possibly the greatest browser-based game of all time. We should make a PC party!
  9. thedon5

    Assassin's Creed III

    Didn't buy ACR, but still I'm pumped for a full fledged addition to the Assassin's Creed franchise. Accoring to a leak it looks highly likely the new one will be set in the American Revolution, a great setting. Hopefully without guns so it dosen't become a shooter of any sort.
  10. thedon5

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

    Even better than Uncharted 2!!! Sorry kiddies, but this is the game of the year, not Skyrim. 10/10 rating on IGN.
  11. thedon5

    Conquer Club

    Does anyone here play this? It's online Risk. Conquer Club - Play A Free Online Game With Strategy And Risk I've been playing for 2 years odd and I'm loving it.
  12. thedon5

    Xbox 360 Gamer Tags

    Post your Xbox 360 gamer tags here. I realise there is another thread available, but that one is never updated. I hope to update this one. Gamer Tag - PC Username - Games
  13. thedon5

    PSN IDs

    Post your PSN IDs here. I realise there is another thread available, but that one is never updated. I hope to update this one. PSN ID - PC Username - Games thedon555 - thedon5 - Uncharted 2 and Bad Company 2 -D-S-B- - -D-S-B- - None really
  14. thedon5

    God of War III

    This game looks stunning. The gameplay is just as solid as in God of War I and II, with some tweaks and added weapons, but the biggest thing is that using the power of the PS3, far more enemies than in the first two games can be on the screen at the same time. It is possibly better than even...
  15. thedon5

    Heavy Rain

    The demo was released at the Playstation Store yesterday, I will download it tomorrow. The game looks good, a cracking story with new moving controls and lots of quick-time events. Some sites such as IGN and 1UP have already reviewed it, and it has received good reviews. I may buy it...