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  1. Till Valhalla


    NIUE NIUE CRICKET & KILIKITI BOARD Player Roster :bro: :bat: Nia Tutakitoa-Williams :bro: :bat: Hanisi Poitoa :bro: :bat: Misikea Feleti :slvo: :ar: Dalton Nemani :bro: :ar: Jayson Okesene :bro: :wkb: Haitrosene Vemoa :bro: :bat: Mark Manusaute :bro: :ar: Daniel Emani :bro: :wkb: Uniki...
  2. Till Valhalla

    Sign-ups The RNG League

    Welcome to the Random Number Generator League where nothing matters but everything matters. The league results will be decided by our trusted website. After that I will cook up a scorecard/match summary to display the result. Here, ratings don't matter only things matter are RNG, RNG...
  3. Till Valhalla

    Day Dethy Whatever the number day 2

    First 5 get in. @asprin not allowed, can't allow the risk of him winning and jumping above. Will post similar game links if required
  4. Till Valhalla

    End Game SimKit Mafia - ASHUTOSH,MANISH, RUDI and ABDULLAH wins

    Yes, It is based on this. Signups are open. Setup is yet to be decided will be depending on the players signed up(I have a base will change according to sign ups). Open or closed setup will also be dependant on...
  5. Till Valhalla

    Future Plan Announced.

    Jack Ryder, Till Valhalla and Fadhl Rukanah have accompanied together to announce their future plan. All 3 together : After years of plying our trade in different leagues we have come to a conclusion. Money is what matters! After working hard in PCNL, PCPL and TPCL we have accumulated riches...
  6. Till Valhalla

    Team Thread Bad Boys | HOF?

    The Bad Boys franchise are founded by @Till Valhalla / @WutUpMahGlipGlops and @RUDI during TPCL 3.0 after the trio decided it's time for a fresh look and start after owning and managing the highly successful LANNISTERS for two seasons together with @Gaurav_7 . The trio decided four heads are...
  7. Till Valhalla

    End Game Warrior | Town (PresidentEvil and Cremercurrans) and asprin wins!

    This game will be based on the TV show Warrior which is based on Bruce Lee writings. You don't need to know anything prior, I will provide the needed information. Show your interest. Looking for 8 players. Setup will depend on players. Vote in the poll to let me know if you want an open or...
  8. Till Valhalla

    End Game Mafia returns

    Interested members signup. Looking for 8-10 members. Open and vanilla setup. New players read this
  9. Till Valhalla

    AMA Ama i may not answer

    Either i will answer or not or plan to but lazy enough to not do it yet @asprin
  10. Till Valhalla

    Lannisters - An end of an era!

    * Pitch type: Normal
  11. Till Valhalla

    Team Thread Lannisters #HearUsRoar #TheMostDecoratedTeam

    LANNISTERS ------------------------------------- THE TEAM!!!! #|Player Name|Role|:bat:|:bwl:|Username|Character 1|Rebel 2k17|Batsman|RHB|DNB| @Rebel2k17| Don Corleone 5|Bigby Wolf|Batsman|LHB|DNB| @Bigby Wolf|Wolverine 26|Umair Nazim| Batsman|RHB|DNB| @The Deadman|Kane 29|Saroj Padhy...
  12. Till Valhalla

    Elysium Mafia Cancelled NO WINNERS

    9-8 player mafia. General Rules to be applied No need to know the plot of the movie. State your interest. Only NIGHT game.
  13. Till Valhalla

    Sign-ups Planet Cricket Wrestling Federation.

    Everybody can enter 1 or more players I simulate matches between them using TEW 2016. Opening signups now, so the my graphic guy can render the images for you. For example they will be like this Sign-up form Wrestlers Name- Looks Like- Ethnicity, Built and Hair Gender- Male Female Age-...
  14. Till Valhalla

    Drafts Indian Domestic Leagues DRAFT

    Thanks @RPHKR for Banner.
  15. Till Valhalla

    End Game Star Wars Mafia - End Mafia(Surendar) & Third Party (Fake Passport) Won

    The Force needs you. State your interest in the thread. Sign-ups open for 2-3 days. I am thinking about a 12 member game. NO NEED TO KNOW THE PLOTS OF THE MOVIES. Participants Asprin Night Killed on Night 2 Fake Passport Night Killed on Night 5 (Winner) Third Party Villain Lynched on Day 3...
  16. Till Valhalla

    You didn't knew? Day 1. Perfect Square wins. (Mafia)

    Setup 3 Town persons. 1 Mafia. Post your interest. It would be good if we get players who will be active for the next few hours. Participants:- @zwarrior @AliB @Perfect Square @El Loco
  17. Till Valhalla

    The Food Thread

    To talk about Food.
  18. Till Valhalla

    Sign-ups Cricket Royale - Open for Challenging.

    In this Planet of Cricket, Only one can reach the top and all the others will be his/her cannon fodder. To reach the top, each outlaw has to take part in a Standoff created by themselves by challenging each other. Only the intelligent and strong will come on top. Do you have it to reach the...
  19. Till Valhalla

    PCPL Player Public Awards

    Just some gifts for some good performances. Round 1 Match 1: Sky Hawks -v- Xtremely Xplicit Batsman of the Match- Sod Anderson @Sodium Bowler of the Match- Salu Abbu @Salman. Match 2: The Demons -v- The Saints Batsman of the Match- Gayle Storm @Pinch hitter Bowler of the Match- Anthony...