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  1. Cricketman

    Which is your favourite all time team in cricket?

    India's 2003 WC team will always be pretty special to me. Sehwag Tendulkar Ganguly Kaif Dravid Yuvraj Mongia <--- Exception Harbhajan Zaheer Nehra Srinath Probably our best bowling attack ever, even kept a guy like Kumble out of the XI. Loved Ganguly's captaincy. I also loved the...
  2. Cricketman

    Indian Premier League 2014

    So quick question about strategies for fantasy cricket. Is it better to only have players playing in the current game in the XI and have huge transfers every game or 1 team with slight changes through the entire tournament? I am currently in a league and many people only have KKR and MI players...
  3. Cricketman

    Is Yuvraj Singh's career over?

    He just looks so beaten.
  4. Cricketman

    Official, confirmed, verified "You are the umpire" thread

    Andy Roddick did this once! It was exactly as mentioned - break point and the returner creamed a winner. Roddick reviewed his own serve and, to his dismay, the serve was in!
  5. Cricketman

    IPL Fixing.

    The closest thing to 'providing info to bookies' is that the predicted they would score 140 and they ended up scoring that much... not enough evidence IMO
  6. Cricketman

    Asia Cup 2014

    Feel like Pujara will play more of a floater role for India, similar to how Badri does for CSK. I don't necessarily think this is a good thing.
  7. Cricketman

    IPL Fixing.

    I still don't understand why so many people care if Gurunath made bets or not. Yeah it's illegal, but it is not equal to fixing the match. Meanwhile, Raj Kundra, owner of Rajasthan Royals, casually admitted on twitter that he did bet on his team. Nobody is saying anything about that...
  8. Cricketman

    ICC World Cup 2015 Discussion Thread

    I've got India v Zim in Auckland, QF in Sydney and QF in Wellington.
  9. Cricketman

    ICC World Cup 2015 Discussion Thread

    Tickets booked! anyone else?
  10. Cricketman

    ICC World Cup 2015 Discussion Thread

    Any guesses to the quarterfinal match ups? I know it's early, but the tickets are available for sale tonight and i'm looking at snagging a few. thinking about India v Zim, India v Ireland (have family in NZ), and one of the quarterfinal games in Australia. I have a feeling India will be A2...
  11. Cricketman

    India tour of New Zealand - Jan to Feb 2014

    Doesn't help that we don't have Ashwin. He is the only person in this lower order with the technique and spine to score a valuable 40 odd. Our tail at the moment is one of the worst in the world. I have been disgusted to see how Zaheer, Ishant, and Shami have gifted away wickets in the last...
  12. Cricketman

    India tour of New Zealand - Jan to Feb 2014

    that is the fastest LBW decision I have seen in my life. Like the OLDschool youtube clips from like the 80s. maybe if he took some time Rahane would still be out there.
  13. Cricketman

    India tour of New Zealand - Jan to Feb 2014

    time to threaten to leave the tour lol
  14. Cricketman

    India tour of New Zealand - Jan to Feb 2014

    At least Rahane is an opening bat, can manage the new ball. Worried about Rohit tbh. Don't even want to think about having Dhoni in within 20 overs of the new ball. This partnership needs to take us to within 80 IMO.
  15. Cricketman

    India tour of New Zealand - Jan to Feb 2014

    Yep. Its a partnership game. The next goal is having less than 100 runs to win.
  16. Cricketman

    Cheteshwar Pujara: How good is he?

    He is better than Kohli in tests IMO
  17. Cricketman

    Stat Attack! Batsmen vs the top bowlers - study of last 25 years

    Great analysis mate! Very interesting stuff. You are right about Sanga. I was almost sad to see his amazing feat of a triple and a century vs Bangladesh in the last test... I could already imagine people on PC 25 years down the line almost holding it against him saying it "was only against a...
  18. Cricketman

    India tour of New Zealand - Jan to Feb 2014

    I may be an idiot for thinking this...but I think we can win the match.
  19. Cricketman

    ICC World Cup 2015 Discussion Thread

    Anyone planning a trip to Aus/NZ for this? A couple of friends and I are thinking about coming down for a few group stage games.