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  1. vKram

    FTP: From the Pavilion general chat

    Saber Tooth Tigers v Roo Boys! Result: Roo Boys! won by 8 wickets Just lost... :(
  2. vKram

    FTP: Match Ratings

    OD match ratings Ste 181,107 Saurashtra 172555 bcvstheworld 169992 Agrid SA 166593 Hedger 159434 Chewie 141600 AngryPixel 136,773 Aussie1st 134985 AkshayS 130,130 Iridium 127889 Zorax 113552 Varun 102,766 vKram(Saber Tooth Tigers) 62,280 Dutchman 60223 Aditya 56942 User2010...
  3. vKram

    FTP: Youth pull

    I selected Indian but got Scottish... :noway
  4. vKram

    FTP: From the Pavilion general chat

    Andrew Moxly should be at 4-5th position. He has FINISHER talent and he can bowl. If you put him at top order he will be more tired. And still you want to put him at top order, you can play him at 3-4th position. This is the suggestion for this all-rounder. Train MOL as only batsman. He has...
  5. vKram

    Hedger's U-19 National Application Petition

    I cannot vote because I must be at least 50days old club. So sorry, I cannot vote you JRL9. I would have voted you. But best of Luck. Cheers...
  6. vKram

    FTP: Training

    Saber Tooth Tigers >> Training Report Budh Indrani >> Batting >> poor >> ordinary Dayasagara Maitryi >> Endurance >> dreadful >> poor Amir Cansai >> Batting >> ordinary >> average
  7. vKram

    FTP: Training

    1st Senior Player pop and only one... :D:noway
  8. vKram

    FTP: From the Pavilion general chat

    From the Pavilion - Free Online Cricket Management Game If I would have enough money, I won't let this player to be signed by any other club. What a player and his skills!!!