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  1. rahuldravidfan

    Cricket Coach 2009 Retail Release This Month

    Yeah. Pretty awesome stuff from one guy at the helm of affairs.
  2. rahuldravidfan

    vCash Donating/Begging Thread

    Anyone wants money? I have loads now.
  3. rahuldravidfan

    Need AI Patches and Editors

    Cricket 04 is awesome. I have pleasant memory's of the game. Will start playing it again soon :)
  4. rahuldravidfan

    What is harder? Opening or batting in the Middle Order

    Opening. As for the Middle-order, it depends a lot on the situation.
  5. rahuldravidfan

    Congrats to new Staff

    Congratulations guys. Keep up the good work :)
  6. rahuldravidfan

    Western League Season III| Auction

    I guess thats coz the team has a grand-total of 2 fast bowlers :laugh The Batting line-up is the strongest in the league, I say :D
  7. rahuldravidfan

    Western League Season III| Auction

    This is one heckuva team.
  8. rahuldravidfan

    This one's for England

    Nope. Not a fight. I'm sure you can see where the love is coming from. People talk to me even when I'm not talking to them. Can't help it. Feel sorry for them. But thats life. :) rahuldravidfan added 1 Minutes and 29 Seconds later... Those are 11 Englishmen, the one's who played the final...
  9. rahuldravidfan

    This one's for England

    I was never banned. But a rousing welcome here. :p
  10. rahuldravidfan

    This one's for England

    Lalit is the biggest flipping moron since the world came into inception. Stupid prick.
  11. rahuldravidfan

    This one's for England

    Yeah. Yet you are so punctual with your rubbish rants every time I comment and/or open a thread. I'm done talking to a tosser. Edit- I love you too Mark :)
  12. rahuldravidfan

    This one's for England

    Pwned. Idiot :laugh
  13. rahuldravidfan

    Shane Bond retires from all cricket

    Shane Bond, you Sir, are a Legend. Sad to see you go. Have a great life. :)
  14. rahuldravidfan

    This one's for England

    :yes Yo Yo Yo. And what a day its been for England too. Wow. What a match ! rahuldravidfan added 3 Minutes and 10 Seconds later... Paul Collingwood now becomes the only third Englishman to lift a World Cup after Bobby Moore and Martin Johnson, in a major sport :hpraise
  15. rahuldravidfan

    This one's for England

    You guys played like absolute Champions. Was overjoyed to see England win. Congrats to all the Poms on PC :)
  16. rahuldravidfan

    IPL Five overseas players in the team

    He said it today after the match (for the smart wits who'd wonder where this came from). Can't agree more.
  17. rahuldravidfan

    World Cricket Alliance™ ::: Temporarily out of business!

    Wonderful match. The only think we lacked is the knock-out punch. And other teams need to beware coz we have already started working on it :yes
  18. rahuldravidfan


    I find the Mark Nicholas accent as the most polite of the lot.
  19. rahuldravidfan

    IPL Chennai Super Kings

    Chennai whistle phodu's Mumbai :laugh
  20. rahuldravidfan

    IPL Anil Kumble or Harbhajan Singh?

    Anil Kumble :) :laugh:laugh