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    Cricket Fundamentals / Basics - New to the game

    I'm a very casual follower of cricket, and I'm looking for advice on the fundamentals to help inform me on what tactical decisions to make in game. (such as delivery length, shot type, etc) Appreciate any general insight, but here are some specific queries; Batting > When is it right to play...
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    Patch 3 Requests/Wishlist

    Perhaps the trigger press could determine the extent of follow-through? No pressure equalling a block. Fully held is aggressive, anything inbetween is a push into space to varying degrees. I think lofted should remain a seperate input, as it's an action to get under the ball rather than over...
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    Patch 3 Requests/Wishlist

    I'm playing on Pro so you might be right, perhaps 'perfect' timing is easier on this level so carries more often than not. That wheel you posted looks good, strike-rate is stilll quite high but I don't know the context.
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    Post your questions about the game here!

    AH, fair enough I take it back then. Apologies. Will experiment more tonight. Cheers.
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    How are you doing in your career?

    Nice shot selection. How are you able to get so many 2s and 3s? Do you use R2 much? I'm finding I can get to 50 very quickly, but can never last a long innings.
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    Shot Selection Bingo!

    I play this shot quite consistently against fast bowlers after the latest patch. Then again I'm only on Pro so maybe the game is more forgiving.
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    Patch 3 Requests/Wishlist

    Mentioned this in the questions thread but worth posting here I think. I would make standard RS shots much less likely to reach the boundary. This would incentivise use of the aggressive R2+L2 shot, since at the moment it serves no purpose. It would make batting much more tactical. RS for...
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    Post your questions about the game here!

    I'm also using a 360 pad. Tried using varying degrees of trigger press but there was no discernible difference. It's either a block or a normal shot with follow-through. I'm inclined to believe this isn't implemented in the game, otherwise the developers would specify it's inclusion. Nice idea...
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    Post your questions about the game here!

    Just read in another thread someone mention that the R2 defensive block is analog, in that it's sensitive to how hard you press the trigger. Is this true? At the moment I'm unable to prod/push singles into gaps. Either my shot connects and reaches the boundary, or with R2 the batsmen kills the...