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  1. Marto

    I made 500 in a one day game!

    Hey, I got beat by Ireland the other night so well done! My highest is 423 against Yorkshire which was amazing!
  2. Marto

    Which team do you like to play with the most?

    I only play county sides. Played Glamorgan for 15 seasons Played Hampshire for 7 seasons Currently playing Warwickshire 5 seasons I have Australian Cricket Captain and don't play it anymore. The county championship is much more interesting. The game engine is almost identical.
  3. Marto

    Draft these players!

    Ian Bell - averages 45-55 Kevin Pieterson - don't have him but wish I did Mark Wagh - Big tons & averages 40+ Mauders - averages 43 Smethurst - bowling av 23 Ian Fisher who else?
  4. Marto

    Who do you thry to get as your international player at the end of the season?

    Dravid and Laxman are both guns. Average around 80 for the season. Murali or any of the Indian spinners are the best of the bowlers. Dravid is value as he can keep wickets as well.
  5. Marto

    Embarrassing Losses

    Well after the Aussie capitulation against Bangladesh last week I thought upsets were on the cards but I didn't pick this! My team is Warickshire and I have won the county and one day for the last 2 years. Round 3 of the C&G and up against Scotland so I rest a few players and play some...