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  1. Ashu54

    Cricket Heroes - testing & feedback

    Actually i wanted to copy the IK links of animation in that skeleton and would paste it on the new skeleton inside my mesh and then i would correspond the bones in my mesh to the existing skeleton
  2. Ashu54

    PCPL General Discussion

    No one knows that feeling more than me.... Last time I was Benched throughout the season and released in mid transfer window :(
  3. Ashu54

    Team Thread Slipperpool - Showing great character

    Does that title means.... "no Title for 25 years"??
  4. Ashu54

    PCPL General Discussion

    wait... Isnt slipperpool a bit offensive for Liverpool fans?? I am a red devils' fan but that name can be a bit controversial...
  5. Ashu54

    Cricket Heroes - testing & feedback

    Always welcome kurt :) But are there any animated models at all? I am trying to build an aeroplane with a car engine again... ;) :P
  6. Ashu54

    Football Transfers Thread

    Ramos-De Gea swap going on....
  7. Ashu54

    Player Applications

    First Name: Ashu Surname: Saxena Player Type: Spcl. Batsman Batting Hand: Left Bowling Style: Right arm medium
  8. Ashu54

    Cricket Heroes - testing & feedback

    Kurt, I sent you the models... did you see them???
  9. Ashu54

    Cricket Heroes - testing & feedback

    New models rigged and biped and textured but NOT animated..... some help from the autodesk:cheers:cheers:cheers
  10. Ashu54

    Cricket Heroes - testing & feedback

    Just downloaded them... Testing in few minutes.. EDIT: The obj gives me the mesh but .fbx and .mtl fail to import in 3DS max... Moreover the bones arent visible in the obj but turbosmooth results are extremely great..
  11. Ashu54

    Cricket Heroes - testing & feedback

    Kurt, Can u pm me all the animated models (again :p)?? I wanna redesign the mesh on the same bones..... Somehow i managed to lose all my data..
  12. Ashu54

    Evolution OF Cricket Video Games 1996-2013

    you missed Ea c2005 the best one for me..... :p
  13. Ashu54

    Natwest Tri-Challenge? : ODI CUP | A one sided final!

    Name :Ashu Country :India Role :Opening Batsman Batting Style :Left handed Batsman Bowling Style :Right Arm fast Interested in captaincy :Yes
  14. Ashu54

    Matches Posted LCL?| Match 5 - Don shows his class

    Name :Ashu Saxena Main role :Batting All rounder Bat hand :LHB Bowl hand :RHB Bowl style :Fast Special Batting skills :Sheet Anchor Special Bowling skills :Long term workhorse Captaincy :No
  15. Ashu54

    Real Cricket Real Cricket '14: Live: iOS & Android!

    First of all.... Its really the best game around for android......nice graphics and well finished stuff... I've played it for 3 weeks but here are some bugs + suggestions listed out- 1.No ball pad collisions(esp. advancing shots) 2.leg side pull is very easy and rewards 6 even on hard difficulty...
  16. Ashu54

    PC National League | IT'S OVER

    Sorry for inactivity :p Exams....... Anyways I cant convert the startinto a gr8 score...... need some practice :p
  17. Ashu54

    FC Championship : Australia | Round 5 |

    Till then??? Seriously someone should be the co-organizer of this league..... :facepalm
  18. Ashu54

    FC Championship : Australia | Round 5 |

    Round 1 (Local Coach) Hyderabad Hotshots (Jack Ryder) - Rahul Dravid Tamil Nadu Stallions (Arun, Anirudh) - Sachin Tendulkar Baroda Sharks (---) - VVS Laxman Bengal Tigers (Warner Watson) - Anil Kumble Delhi Mavericks (sathishsky) - sunil gavaskar Karnataka Eagles (RedKing) - INVALID Madhya...
  19. Ashu54

    FC Championship : Australia | Round 5 |

    How is Gary Kirsten a local coach??