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  1. Shaun Tait

    Sri Lanka in England 2011

    haha lol :)
  2. Shaun Tait

    What Was The Last Thing/s You Bought? Thread

    A nice bottle of Dr pepper and a dairy milk
  3. Shaun Tait

    English Football Thread 2012/2013

    Has no 1 mentioned BBC News - West Ham United player Demba Ba 'racially abused'
  4. Shaun Tait

    Sri Lanka in England 2011

    I think this series will be very close in tests but you have to think Sri Lanka will beat us in the One day series
  5. Shaun Tait

    English Domestic Cricket

    Derby drew with Holland, Is that worth talking about?
  6. Shaun Tait

    Wrestling thread

    She is a different kind of diva compared to what the WWE usually have
  7. Shaun Tait

    NBA Discussion Thread

    Gutted the Heat lost game 1 to the Bulls, At least they need to win 3 more to knock us out the playoffs
  8. Shaun Tait

    Pietersen "tweets" being dropped from T20 and ODI squad

    No surprises here if he is dropped because he doesnt deserve his place as he didnt have a great series with the bat
  9. Shaun Tait

    Story I'm Bringin' Sexy RedBack

    HAHAHA love the updates :D
  10. Shaun Tait

    German Football Thread

    I hope Ozil stays this season at Bremen we are going to need him
  11. Shaun Tait

    World Test Team

    Would you take Watson he doesnt look like he can score a run at the moment sadly
  12. Shaun Tait

    RIP Alex Higgins

    BBC News - Alex Higgins' cortege en-route to St Anne's Cathedral Funeral today :crying
  13. Shaun Tait

    Wrestling thread

    Probably but Wrestling is important :)
  14. Shaun Tait

    Pakistan vs England Jul-Aug-Sep 2010

    LOL these bans and retirements are jokes lol
  15. Shaun Tait

    Mohammad Yousuf to come out of retirement

    Thought Ul Haq was becoming a coach anyway its laughable
  16. Shaun Tait

    No Requests Viral's Graphics Thread

    Wow love your work, Please carry on :)
  17. Shaun Tait

    NBA Discussion Thread

    I am so happy that Rose has a very good partner in Boozer :D LeBron, Rose and Boozer wow would have been ace but the Bulls are on the way back probably no were near MJ but they should be able to win a championship
  18. Shaun Tait

    Nottinghamshire vs Somerset : FP T20 : 1st Semi Final : Winner

    Somerset are favorites so I will go and bet 500 on Notts
  19. Shaun Tait

    NBA Discussion Thread

    Nope wasnt meant to be
  20. Shaun Tait

    How would you change the course of History?

    BOO! Ok Then there would be no Colosseum then or I would win WW2 by myself :D