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    Mouseydread's Classic Cricket Teams

    Love your teams mouseydread. Look forward to seeing what you’re planning next
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    Cricket 22 online competitions on PC

    I can never find a match online. I thought online was broken for PC
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    Can someone post the names of the entire roster for the 360 version?

    Does anyone know who "Ivan Drexon" is supposed to be in Canada? Thanks
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    What System/Console will you get Ashes 2009 for?

    Already pre-order mine on PS3 from
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    PlanetCricket Ashes Cricket 2009 second Q&A

    Weather conditions in Ashes Cricket 2009. Does anybody know whether or not (excuse the pun!) weather conditions such as rain delays are implemented in Ashes Cricket 2009?
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    PlanetCricket Ashes Cricket 2009 second Q&A

    Cheers! I think that interview has made me feel more positive about the game :cheers
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    Release Date-August 7 ( New Trailer, July 16 )

    I'm still positive about the game. Yes the trailer is very poor but if you read the playtest reviews on the game overall it sounds like a really good cricket game, maybe even a BLIC 99? Well that remains to be seen but I am still excited and looking forward to the release. Can we start to have...
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    Cheapest place to buy the Ashes 09 in UK?

    The PS3/Xbox 360 version is ?35.99 at and when you pre-order stuff from there they usually deliver it the day before release day!