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    Cricket 22 FPS unlockable on PC

    Hi all, Sorry to write on here but I am rather stumped by this one. I game on both my pc and latpop. Both are good enough to max Cricket 22 over 120 fps however I would like to lock the frame rate. ( tbh I would rather even 60fps than 130-150fps with stutter ) I have tried - the ingame...
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    Cricket 19 on the switch??

    Hi All, I recently purchased a switch and I am considering buying cricket 19. Some questions ( apologies if this has been covered in previous posts ) 1) Heard about the lag on cutscenes and also long loading times. ( this doesn’t bother me as long as there is no noticeable framerate...
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    PS4 info

    Hi there, Really frustrated the PC version is looking for, I would assume, a late July / early August release but understand big ants marketing reasons. My questions; 1) can you play it in 4K on the PS4 pro, 2) is it 60fps at 1080 and 30fps at 4K? Does anyone know, couldn’t find the info...
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    Random questions

    Yes I am on pc and have never seen rain. It’s a shame would really love it. Can’t remeber if memory if they had it in dbc 14 or 17 Still a great game.
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    Random questions

    Hi all - Does it ever rain in ashes? - can you set time on test matches, Ie for day night tests, when creating a custom tour ( mine always say 10am ) - can you change the stadiums at in world championship? I noticed a few bugs when setting the home location Sorry but didn’t want to create more...
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    Issues downloading bats

    Hi all, Looking for help. Trying to download extra bats. It shows 50/584 Whenever I press rb to download more it just redirects me to the home search screen. Is this a known bug? Doesn’t happen when downloading the teams, players etc. J
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    Story Ashes 17 poor performance

    Usually put v sync on , can try but tearing is annoying :(
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    Story Ashes 17 poor performance

    Really odd situation. DB14 & DB17 played to 120fps on the highest settings. Ashes cricket however has serious issues. On some stadiums I get 120fps but I have frame rate drops etc. I have tried riva tuner and locking the frame rate to 60fps but even though it stays at 60 I have noticed a lot...
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    Requests Accepted JMBROWN415 - DB14, Kookaburra 16 BATPACK, Adidas BATPACK + Puma BATPACK

    Verve 16 - released Plasma 16 - ETA 29/01 Kookaburra Batpack Blade 16 - released 27/01 Royale 16 - released 27/01 Verve 16 - released Plasma 16 - ETA 31/01 Ghost 16 - ETA 31/01 Ignite 16 - ETA 01/02 Onyx 16 - ETA 02/02 Bubble 16 - ETA 02/02 Kahuna 16 - ETA 02/02 Puma Batpack Puma...
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    11Ryan11 Downloads (Sri Lanka & Pakistan Kits Updated)

    not sure if this has happend to anyone before. I appear to have england in there test kit ? when playing a 20/20 game for them? , is there anything i can do ? or will i need to start a new career ?
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    Suddyz Downloads (KOOKABURA BAT PACK NOW RELEASED! 2014 & 2013 Models)

    Same applicable to international kits im guessing too?
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    Suddyz Downloads (KOOKABURA BAT PACK NOW RELEASED! 2014 & 2013 Models)

    Hi do kits and bats automatically update in career mode? does anyone know? or would you have to start a new career mode to mean the new kits you had applied were in effect?
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    Don Bradman Cricket 14 - Issues and Anomalies after patch 2 [PS3/360]

    hmm maybe I think they are going to be taking the euro and getting independence soon anyway! ---------- Have no access ... pmed Mattw as I stupidly didn't include my steam id in the subject line