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  1. brad352

    The PlanetCricket Battrick Sledging Thread

    People play battrick? I sold all my players 6 months ago because my team had a nasty habit of trying to go bankrupt every time I didn't log in for months. Now they're more profitable than ever. **** all the fairweather supporters who don't want to watch a team with no players 07/07/2014 Your...
  2. brad352

    Season 20 Youth Pull

    I did 2x25 ITS pulls with the free 50 that come with getting a franchise, figured it's probably better than blowing money on more ITS and upgrading as well. Just kept full primary and sacrificed conc/stam You must be about the only bloke in the world going back to battrick, looks like...
  3. brad352

    Spot the Ball - S4 (IC10 Edition) Round 5 - Results

    Yeah likewise, if I knew it was still going to be open when I got up I would've held on and just gone for whatever had the most people on 2 points. No worries though, unlucky with the second guess... obviously I got it wrong too or Mark wouldn't have opened it again
  4. brad352

    Spot the Ball - S4 (IC10 Edition) Round 5 - Results

    You can't be letting people change their picks based on what I picked, if that's the case I should be able to change mine to what most of the guys after me picked with the knowledge of where I went. Obviously the guy who picks last is always going to be in the best spot
  5. brad352

    Spot the Ball Season 4 (IC10 Edition) -Round 1 Results!

    On reflection a 16% chance at doubling my money possibly doesn't really warrant wagering 1.8 million vcash :cool: *goes to live on the streets*
  6. brad352

    PlanetCricket Reporter's Summary/Batstats Rankings

    Assassins (218) Everton (217) Raiders Eleven (216) Baggy Blues (203) BFN Bombers (198) Figjam (194) St. Johns Penguins CC (176) Livingston Lions (174) Strong Arm Steady (174) MuchMore XI (174) Tassie Titans (173) Aussie Bombers (171) Mental Blank (152) Norfolk N Chance (145)...
  7. brad352

    Season 15 youth pull

    :) Listed for 0
  8. brad352

    Season 15 youth pull

    0 ITS :o
  9. brad352

    Season 15 youth pull

    19/01/2010 Sold Zesh Tsimba Feckin' Hull ?1,243,109 4,764 :)
  10. brad352

    PlanetCricket Reporter's Summary/Batstats Rankings

    Figjam Top Order: exquisite [3x16=48] Middle Order: quality [4x11=44] Lower Order: woeful [4x3=12] Seam Bowling: exceptional [4x14=56] Spin Bowling: exquisite [16x1=16] Fielding: mediocre [5] =181 Assassins (218) Everton (217) BFN Bombers (198) Raiders Eleven (197)...
  11. brad352

    Season 15 youth pull

    Listed :)
  12. brad352

    Season 15 youth pull

    I suck at YPing :(
  13. brad352

    Training Thread

    Decent week, my original batch of trainees are starting to finish up :) Batting done, now to teach him how to land consecutive balls in vaguely the same area on the pitch and he'll be set finito! Keep training him, it'd be a waste of nets not to. If you get a 17yo instead it's just...
  14. brad352

    PlanetCricket Reporter's Summary/Batstats Rankings

    1.Everton (217) 2. BFN Bombers (198) 3. Assassins (196) 4. Baggy Blues (182) 5. Strong Arm Steady (174) 6. Tassie Titans (173) 7. Figjam (170) 8. Raiders Eleven (156) 9. Mental Blank (152) 10. St. Johns Penguins CC (150) 11. Aussie Bombers (147) 12. Norfolk N Chance (145) 13...
  15. brad352

    Season 14 Youth Pulls

    If only he batted as well as he kept. Listed, and I look forward to receiving my ten cents
  16. brad352

    Season 14 wages

    92634 - 125353, or 35% Pretty manageable
  17. brad352

    Transfer Thread

    :) Bought him at med/superb/prof, one net to pop to quality
  18. brad352

    Training Thread

    Up :) Worth waiting for
  19. brad352

    Commentary Thread

    48.6 W Miah to Khalil Khalil throws the bat at a slightly wide one, but manages only to clump it vertically. Carr waves his colleagues out of the way and claims the easiest of catches. 48.5 W Miah to Nadarajalingam Miah pitches one right up in the blockhole and strikes Nadarajalingam...