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    I am leaving/back thread

    Back after a long time. Life is in a mess and needs some serious sorting. Wish me luck guys!!!
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    Tutorial: Object Removing Tutorial - Powered by

    Yeah, but that takes away a lot of time. Just look at my outcome, didn't even take a minute to do that. :D No problems at all. :)
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    Official Birthday Greetings thread

    @Meet: I don't know from where you got it, but his birthday was yesterday itself ie the 27th September.
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    Tutorial: Object Removing Tutorial - Powered by

    Thanks. Glad you liked it. It isn't the very best. Could have been better. :)
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    Cricketing Queries

    Yeah, especially Shastri. :laugh
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    Tutorial: Object Removing Tutorial - Powered by

    I would be more happy if some of you try it out and post the outcomes. :)
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    Champions League Final - Chennai Super Kings vs Warriors @ Jo'burg

    He was being sarcastic. :) Bounce added 0 Minutes and 52 Seconds later... What else Modi Amin could do when two new teams come in!
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    Official Birthday Greetings thread

    Just on the net. Many (including me) knew about Bhagat Singh's birthday. :) Bounce added 1 Minutes and 5 Seconds later... And yeah. Today is the birthday of Ranbir Kapoor. :p
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    The Jokes Thread

    Haha. :laugh That is amazing! Reps.
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    Tutorial: Object Removing Tutorial - Powered by

    Have you ever wanted to remove a particular part, person, building, animal or even a watermark from a picture? If yes, need not worry. Here is the solution. Just go to WebInpaint Beta (The site might take some time to load in the first visit) The steps are easy to follow. 1. Click on...
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    TAOC Discussion

    I just searched TAOC on youtube and got many videos of the game. They indeed look fantastic. Cheers
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    International Premier League

    I will be making some announcements from time to time and that's the reason I don't want this to be closed. :)
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    International Premier League

    Yes. Beginning the signups now would not be a good idea as many registrants might go inactive by 2011. :)
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    comparing the education system of india & usa

    Sometimes, its not the teachers' fault. It often happens that our education fails to include things which should have been there. They just put some crap stories in languages and poems picked up from random books. For example, in Hindi textbooks only few of the well-known "Kabir's Dohe" are...
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    Cricket Underground | Live Online Tournament

    Can you list the ones which are included?
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    How are you going in Ashes Cricket 2009?

    Just have a look at this video guys. Uploaded by aliawaiskhan on YouToube.
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    TAOC Discussion

    I don't think they will give the source code in public. :)
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    Requests Accepted Dominic's Graphics Thread

    The renders logo for Dipak looks good, however the GPL logo could have been better. :) Cheers
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    Story Soon on Planet Cricket...

    The idea looks really unique. If you manage to pull it off, it will be fun reading it. Surely will grab the attention of many. I used to play a game when I was small. Don't remember the name, but it was related to American independence. The graphics were reasonably good. You could use that game...