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  1. kodos

    Stephen Fleming Resigns As ODI Captain

    Most likely Vettori. IIRC when Fleming was absent for a few games at home he took over the captaincy role. Shame Fleming is no longer captain as I rated him as the best of the lot going around. Intuitive thinking, aggressive tactics and consistently sets the appropriate fields for each batsman...
  2. kodos

    What Is Your Favourite Soft Drink?

    It's a lemonade soft drink, kind of like Lift. Personally I don't really drink soft drink too often but I prefer Pepsi over Coke. I don't know why but I guess it does taste slightly sweeter than Coke. But I really do despise those no sugar range soft drinks, they taste so plain and flat, tastes...
  3. kodos

    Champions League Thread (the dawn of time - 2014)

    Excellent game b/w man u and ac. ronaldo at it again with 2 and today surely showed the best out of the two best players going around in the game, kaka and ronaldo. It will certainly be an exciting second leg game.
  4. kodos

    The Worst Ever World Cup....

    I think pretty much a large majority share your view as well, even those in Australia have seen this WC rather tedious because of the one sided contests and the attention in the news is rather low compared to the soccer WC and even other semi-major sporting events such as world swimming...
  5. kodos

    Breaking News- Brian Charles Lara Retires

    I agree it is big shoes to fill for the WI batsman but they still have quality batsman up their sleeves such as Gayle, Sarwan, Chanderpaul, Smith and have a few up and comers such as Samuels and Simmons. So it ain't all doom and gloom for the Windies. Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise...
  6. kodos

    Breaking News- Brian Charles Lara Retires

    A man with an average above 50 throughout his whole career and batting in a team where other batsman's fail to average above 40 and you don't call that consistent? What's even more amazing is that he only has 6 not outs throughout his whole career which makes his average even more amazing.
  7. kodos

    Best World Cup Kits Award Goes Toooooo.

    Well that's not necessarily true, just because adidas is a worldwide renowned brand it doesn't mean that they will produce the best clothing.They may have the money but they may not have the same innovative ideas as those from the lesser known companies. Personally I feel NZ's kit is pretty...
  8. kodos

    Fletcher Resigns - Peter Moores New England Coach

    The recent Ashes smashing and poor WC performance overshadows what have been a successful coaching career with England. He has elevated them up to no. 2 in the world in tests, helped regain the Ashes after I think 15+ years, carried England to runners up in 04 champions trophy and the wonder...
  9. kodos

    Breaking News- Brian Charles Lara Retires

    The best batsman I have ever watched in the 90's and in the early 2000's. The 'prince' has sadly left the game but has left a great legacy on the game. Lara and Tendulkar were 2 powerhouses of the game in the past decade but Lara wins in terms of consistency, flair, concentration, strokeplay and...
  10. kodos

    English Football Thread

    Back to 3 points again b/w Chelsea and Man U. Double from Shaun Wright-Phillips and my man Drogba does it again with one in the 62nd minute :p
  11. kodos

    Ireland's ICC ranking

    One game doesn't fully justify whether a team is up to international standards or not. Yes they did get a mauling from Australia and Sri Lanka but both times it was because they batted first and probably had worse of the conditions. Also Australia and Sri Lanka are two of the better teams in the...
  12. kodos

    The Worst Ever World Cup....

    Light will be the problem with that idea. There will be sunlight (I am assuming) at around 6:30-7:30pm but it won't be sufficient enough to enable the batsman to have proper sight of the ball. I don't mind day matches but as we saw in the last couple of matches at Grenada the ball swings heavily...
  13. kodos

    WC2007: Super 8

    I don't want to degrade you or anything but can you please rectify your grammar and choice of words. Pretty much every post of yours I can identify 2 or more errors. From your profile it says that you are 22 years of age, surely you have known the basics of grammar and syntax by now. Also...
  14. kodos

    WC2007: Super 8

    This WC certainly has illustrated the strength and true ability of Bangladesh which proves those doubters wrong that they shouldn't be playing at the top level. I expect Bangladesh to do well also in the 2011 WC where of course the conditions will be much more favourable and "at home". The great...
  15. kodos

    Champions League Thread (the dawn of time - 2014)

    Amazing performance by Man U, 7-1 is a real drubbing and Ronaldo back by scoring a double. Once again though we see crowd trouble outside the stadium, will these Italian fans ever learn?
  16. kodos

    Most Awaited Games 2009! The new poll is coming

    Agreed Virtua Tennis 3 is brilliant. The graphics are excellent and the AI is great as well. Playing first game of tournament mode is no longer a walk in the park, you have to work hard for the win. Also I love the new realistic player animations for all the players in the game, such as the...
  17. kodos

    NRL Telstra Premiership 2007

    That's certainly a real shame, massive loss not only to the knights but also rugby league in general. He was even contemplating about returning to origin but obv now it ain't happening. Joey certainly was the best player in the last decade.
  18. kodos

    WC2007: Super 8

    Despite this loss I still see SA making it through to the semis unless England can win probably 2/3 remaining matches. The big match to me will be SA V England which will probably decide who will make it through to the semis. This is a fantastic win to the Bangladeshis and to me whenever...
  19. kodos

    Stuart MacGill Vs. Monty Panesar

    Agreed Monty has had to bowl against the 3 big subcontinent teams + Australia who are all the best players against spin. Also agree with others who say that it's still far too premature to call who is better, one is about 10 years older than the other and he's played many more games than the...