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    Patch 3 Requests/Wishlist

    OK. Here we are... I have been playing this game for almost 6 months and noticed that we needed some improvements in future patches. Sixes - I have been trying to hit various 6s throughout the ground but i can only able it hit very few sixes to the crowed that too who are in lower stands only...
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    Don Bradman Cricket 14 General Discussion

    I played a 20-20 game today morning in Rookie Level and scored totally 303-2 for 19 overs and suddenly something happened. The final over was suddenly became very tough to face. I scored 1 run for 4 wickets and that was the bowler's last over and in previous 3 of his overs I scored 89 runs...
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    Don Bradman Cricket 14 General Discussion

    I guess we better stop it here itself. I was actually not talking about MSD. Its about helicoptor shot only.
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    Don Bradman Cricket 14 General Discussion

    Yeah yeah yeah, I understand there are a lot of things to be done for this... But "Real Cricket 14", an android game has created such a shot, and on considering the same I have raised a request on it. Helicopter shot can be used in really playing cricket, only if the batsman having good...
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    ICC Pro Cricket 2015 to release for the World Cup

    Is there really any PC versions for this game. Since it is being a official game of ICC we can expect something to be a bit more that DBC on pc or console. So is there really any?
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    Don Bradman Cricket 14 General Discussion

    This is really a great game. But there are two things really missing and makes the cricket game fans disappointed. Helicopter Shot - Which is one of the greatest shots in cricket and which fan really like to play in the cricket games and which increases the momentum of the game itself Malinga...
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    My Batting Advice

    Even I also faced the same problem in the beginning but later i figured out the solution. Press L2 which was used for lofted shot before the bowler start to run, which gives a 360 degree eye rotation of batsman view with the fielder position name to find the place where we can hit a safer shot...