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    PS3/Xbox 360/PC Gamertags Thread - AC09 Online Play

    After promising I will for about a year I have finally got an Xbox 360 and AC 09! My gamertag is Stecooper
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    What is HowZat?

    The World's Social Cricket Game has more information, the creators of the game will be posting here with information, screenshots and special beta invites soon.
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    AC09 Wii File Formats and Editing

    Did you notice any difference? Im sure I see the batsman seem to attack less and go for less singles.
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    AC09 file formats

    Unless your on the Wii version, where the AI has been cracked.
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    AC09 Wii File Formats and Editing

    I have tried to make the CPU go for very quick risky singles less and basically score slower, I think it works in a test match on hard when I tried a save game I had running. Would also like to try and add more edges, I might try and do that tomorrow. Not had any more luck with the teams yet...
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    AC09 Wii File Formats and Editing

    I really don't know why scenario mode gets messed up, perhaps the file size has to be exactly the same? Has anyone tried editing the ControlSys.xml file in that same folder, the contents are: AIMinRunTime - I wonder what that does, might make the AI not take as many runs. <?xml...
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    AC09 Wii File Formats and Editing

    Attached is an updated file. I have not tested this yet but will do tonight. It has updated short names and I have made sure the file is all in the same order as the original hopefully to make scenarios work again!
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    AC09 Wii File Formats and Editing

    Sorry yes I see the scenarios doesn't work and I didnt change the shortnames which created the problem during the match. I will re-do it and try again!
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    AC09 file formats

    Wii texture file, anyone have any idea how to open it? The headers have the following text SDASSETF, BMAP, IMAG
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    AC09 Wii File Formats and Editing

    Here is the xml file with real player names for the wii version, this is untested but I will try it when I get home today to confirm if it works or not. To use it you need: Homebrew channel installed ISO file of the AC 2009 extracted from the DISC Use Wii Scrubber to replace the...
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    AC09 file formats

    Some sort of config file on the Wii: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ControlSys> <Batting MaxPowerSkill1 = "15.0" MaxPowerSkill10 = "20.0" GoodZoneSkill1 = "0.5,0.45,0.4" GoodZoneSkill10 = "0.9,0.8,0.7" SuperHitPowerMult = "1.6,1.6,1.5" HitPowerMult = "1.3,1.2,1.1"...
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    AC09 file formats

    I have extracted the WII ISO file and after decrypting it can see the complete file structure. Would this be any use to help the PC cracking? EDIT found the teams file, also in an XML file and should be easy to use to have real player names on the Wii version. A sample below: <team...
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    Review The Official Thread for Wii

    Yes the large cricket ball is for shining the ball, if you quickly move the remote up and down it will add shine to the ball.
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    C09 FAQ: Ashes Cricket Issues, Fixes and Common Questions

    No it cant be done on Wii.
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    Review The Official Thread for Wii

    Its pretty good, I have the game but have been away over the weekend so not much chance to play it until tonight. The amount of options is very limited: Exhibition - a choice of one off test matches and ODIs/Twenty20 and also Double Wicket The Ashes - 5 test ashes series Scenarios, about...
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    Countdown for the release date.

    I have pre-ordered the game for the Wii, will be my first ever console cricket game.
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    Cricket 09 Release Speculation Thread

    I have heard an unlicensed Indian Domestic 20/20 league is a possibility.
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    Display Time problems

    Time test.
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    Must have Firefox plugins

    Web Developer Toolbar - FoxyProxy - FoxyProxy GreaseMonkey - New Tab Homepage -
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    Error in Blic 05

    Do you have the latest Nvidia drivers?