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  1. CBriddo

    England as a test playing nation ?

    It was a joke, no need for anyone to take it so serious haha, I left the Asia cup in because England haven’t won it… right? 1641951256 I’m glad you seen the funny side haha
  2. CBriddo

    Wealey's Realism Gameplay Tweaks

    Without reskilling, are there any potential sliders to reduce the run rates? If you leave the AI to it, it seems like they’ll always go at 3.2-4 an over, I’ve not once seen it below 3. Not sure if you’re looking at this for v2? Also I’ve done 12 innings of AI vs AI, albeit mainly bowling wickets...
  3. CBriddo

    England as a test playing nation ?

    A great Monday and what better than a controversial post to begin it with. Ever since they were granted the Full Membership/right to play test cricket. I have been very very skeptical of the ICC+ECB. Agree that countries take time to establish themselves and this can take a few years. Given how...
  4. CBriddo

    Cricket 22: Stories, scorecards, screenshots, epic matches: (Share your most memorable moments | No videos)

    still with the grey nics instead of the DSC? yep, broken
  5. CBriddo

    No Requests Waste's Boomer the Duck Memorial Creation Thread

    Maybe the yorkshire logo and a say no to racism type sponsor? that's probably what they'll go with I'd guess
  6. CBriddo

    SLIDERS - Around the world in 80 pitch sliders.....again

    Here we go... I plan on working through a few different series' but AI vs AI, it could be deemed surplus or trivial but I figure as we all have the element of human error, skill gap etc, I can do what I can to tweak and fine tune the AI to the best they can be in terms of realism. Here's what...