2002 Cricket at the Commonwealth Games

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Oct 8, 2022
Berlin, Germany


- 13th in WCC ODI Team Rankings



:bro: :bat: Darion Parker
:slvo: :ar: Abraham Spinka
:slvo: :ar: Joe Barbaro

:bro: :bat: Nasir West
:goldo: :bat: Michel Gottlieb :c:
:slvo: :wkb: Thad Wolf
:bro: :ar: Tommy Vercetti
:goldo: :ar: Rembrant Marcelino

:slvo: :ar: Trace Roberts
:bro: :wkb: Carlo Falcone
:bro: :ar: Pete Mitchell
:slvo: :ar: Pepe Costa

:slvo: :bwl: Martin Franecki
:purpo: :bwl: Emile Leannon

:slvo: :bwl: Clinton Hintz



World Cricket Conference

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Oct 8, 2022
Berlin, Germany

It's time for Twenty20 cricket to take over the international scene! It's time for the 2002 Commonwealth Games!

Squad Submission

Your squad for the tournament must consist of EXACTLY fifteen players
You must mark your captain (:c:) for the tournament; marked captain can not be dropped unless injured
You must have at least one wicket-keeper (:wkb:) in your squad; but you are advised to have two
No upgrades can be spent to improve players mid-tournament; upgrades must be made before squad announcement


48 hours - failure to submit squad within given deadline will result in ejection from the tournament.

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Till Valhalla

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Jun 5, 2011
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Papua New Guinea
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:saf: SQUAD

:goldo: :bat: Herschelle Meintjies
:goldo: :bat: Graeme Botha
:bro: :bat: Hashim Naidoo
:blueo: :bat: Petrus Struwig

:redo: :ar: Jacques Coetzee
:redo: :bat: Siya Ndlala
:bro: :bat: Themba Xolo
:goldo: :wkb: Mark Janssen

:bro: :wkb: Heinrich Bester
:redo: :ar: Dale Smit
:purpo: :ar: Morne Kleynhans

:redo: :bwl: Pierre Struwig :c:
:redo: :bwl: Rudi Struwig

:purpo: :bwl: Fanie Steyn
:bro: :bwl: Gogga Adams
Maaro mujhe gif
The Hierarchy of Power in Cricket South Africa has changed...
Rumours of the fight should now be confirmed and hence they both should be rated gold. Given the captain and ex captain have problems the whole team should be rated one orb less.

Supreme General

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Dec 10, 2022
:bro: :bat: Gary St John
:bro: :bat: Peter Mills
:bro: :bat: Fred English
:bro: :ar: Mark Phillips

:slvo: :bat: William George Charles
:slvo: :ar: Richard Head :c:
:bro: :bat: Harold Davidson
:bro: :wkb: Ronald Wellington

:goldo: :ar: Alex Vixen
:bro: :ar: Jim Malick
:bro: :wkb: Eric Naismith

:slvo: :bwl: Zachary Wilson
:bro: :bwl: Zaid Mohammad
:slvo: :bwl: Len Rafferty

:bro: :bwl: Richard Carolyne

PTS | Player Name            | BAT   Pos. [P]   Type         [P] | BWL   Style   [P]   Type           [P] | Fielding       [P]

  6 | Peter Mills            | RHB   1-3  [3]   Accumulator  [3] | DNB   ---     [0]   ---            [0] | Outfielder     [0]
  8 | Mark Phillips          | RHB   1-3  [3]   Plucky       [1] | RHB    LS     [3]   Part Timer     [1] | Outfielder     [0]

Gonna be a tough ask for the lads in the most competitive tournament in the whole calendar but hopefully the home support can lift us that extra few percent required in this unfamiliar and unpredictable format


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Mar 23, 2020
:blueo: :bat: Tom Nightingale :c:
:redo: :bat: Kylian Michiels
:goldo: :bat: Henry White
:bro: :bat: Karl Schmidt

:blueo: :ar: Harry Wroetoshaw
:blueo: :bat: Richard Morgan
:bro: :ar: Joan Moreno

:purpo: :wkb: Finlay Wilson
:bro: :wk: Amir Nath
:purpo: :ar: Ryan Edwards

:bro: :bwl: Brandon Houghton
:slvo: :bwl: Aaron White
:bro: :bwl: Pablo Molina

:bro: :bwl: Samuel Ibanez
:purpo: :bwl: Harrison Willis

5 new names in this squad, looking forward to see how the guys who've done so well in domestic cricket do

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