Draft: 90s England Draft - It's Richard Blakey time


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Sep 3, 2010

You've got no idea who that player is have you? Well he, along with 93 other players, represented the England Cricket Team in the 1990s. And your job will be to pick an entire, incredibly mediocre cricket team out of this pile of cricketing odd socks. It's the draft @blockerdave was made for.

:eng: :bat: Chris Adams
:eng: :bat: Michael Atherton
:eng: :bat: Rob Bailey
:eng: :bat: Ali Brown
:eng: :bat: Mark Butcher
:eng: :bat: Neil Fairbrother
:eng: :bat: Jason Gallian
:eng: :bat: Mike Gatting
:eng: :ar: Graham Gooch
:eng: :bat: David Gower

:eng: :bat: Aftab Habib
:eng: :ar: Graeme Hick
:eng: :bat: Nasser Hussain
:eng: :bat: Steve James
:eng: :bat: Nick Knight
:eng: :bat: Allan Lamb
:eng: :bat: Wayne Larkins

:eng: :bat: Mark Lathwell
:eng: :bat: Graham Lloyd
:eng: :ar: Darren Maddy
:eng: :bat: Hugh Morris
:eng: :bat: John Morris
:eng: :bat: Mark Ramprakash

:eng: :bat: David Smith
:eng: :bat: Robin Smith
:eng: :bat: Graham Thorpe
:eng: :bat: Michael Vaughan
:eng: :bat: Alan Wells

:eng: :wk: Richard Blakey
:eng: :wkb: John Crawley

:eng: :wk: Warren Hegg
:eng: :wkb: Matt Maynard
:eng: :wk: Chris Read
:eng: :wk: Steve Rhodes
:eng: :wk: Jack Russell
:eng: :wk: Alec Stewart

:eng: :ar: Mark Alleyne
:eng: :ar: Ian Botham
:eng: :ar: Dougie Brown
:eng: :ar: David Capel
:eng: :ar: Mark Ealham
:eng: :ar: Matthew Fleming
:eng: :ar: Andrew Flintoff
:eng: :ar: Gavin Hamilton
:eng: :ar: Adam Hollioake
:eng: :ar: Ben Hollioake
:eng: :ar: Ronnie Irani
:eng: :ar: Chris Lewis

:eng: :ar: Dermot Reeve
:eng: :ar: Neil Smith
:eng: :ar: Mike Watkinson
:eng: :ar: Vince Wells
:eng: :ar: Craig White

:eng: :ar: Ian Austin
:eng: :bwl: Joey Benjamin
:eng: :bwl: Martin Bicknell
:eng: :bwl: Simon Brown
:eng: :bwl: Andy Caddick
:eng: :ar: Dominic Cork
:eng: :ar: Phillip DeFreitas
:eng: :bwl: Neil Foster
:eng: :bwl: Angus Fraser

:eng: :bwl: Ed Giddins
:eng: :bwl: Darren Gough
:eng: :bwl: Dean Headley

:eng: :bwl: Alan Igglesden
:eng: :bwl: Mark Ilott
:eng: :bwl: Paul Jarvis
:eng: :bwl: Syd Lawrence
:eng: :bwl: Devon Malcolm

:eng: :bwl: Neil Mallender
:eng: :bwl: Peter Martin
:eng: :bwl: Martin McCague
:eng: :bwl: Alan Mullally
:eng: :bwl: Tim Munton
:eng: :bwl: Phil Newport
:eng: :ar: Derek Pringle
:eng: :bwl: Chris Silverwood
:eng: :bwl: Gladstone Small
:eng: :bwl: Mike Smith
:eng: :bwl: Paul Taylor
:eng: :ar: Alex Tudor
:eng: :bwl: Steve Watkin
:eng: :bwl: Neil Williams

:eng: :ar: Robert Croft
:eng: :ar: John Emburey
:eng: :ar: Ashley Giles
:eng: :bwl: Eddie Hemmings
:eng: :bwl: Richard Illingworth

:eng: :bwl: Min Patel
:eng: :ar: Ian Salisbury
:eng: :bwl: Peter Such
:eng: :bwl: Phil Tufnell

:eng: :bwl: Shaun Udal

Participants (MAX 6)
  1. @Aislabie
  2. @blockerdave
  3. @ahmedleo414
  4. @Yash.
  5. @Dale88

Draft Order
  1. @Dale88 - :eng: :ar: Lord Sir the Ian of Botham
  2. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :bat: Michael Atherton
  3. @Yash. - :eng: :wkb: Alec Stewart
  4. @blockerdave - :eng: :bat: Graham Gooch
  5. @Aislabie - :eng: :bat: David Gower
  6. @Aislabie - :eng: :bwl: Angus Fraser
  7. @blockerdave - :eng: :bwl: Darren Gough
  8. @Yash. - :eng: :bat: Graham Thorpe
  9. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :ar: Andrew Flintoff
  10. @Dale88 - :eng: :wk: Jack Russell
  11. @Aislabie - :eng: :bwl: Devon Malcolm
  12. @Dale88 - :eng: :bwl: Andy Caddick
  13. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :bat: Nasser Hussain
  14. @Yash. - :eng: :bat: Michael Vaughan
  15. @blockerdave - :eng: :bat: Robin Smith
  16. @blockerdave - :eng: :bwl: Dean Headley
  17. @Yash. - :eng: :ar: Dominic Cork
  18. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :wkb: John Crawley
  19. @Dale88 - :eng: :bat: Allan Lamb
  20. @Aislabie - :eng: :bat: Graeme Hick
  21. @blockerdave :eng: :bwl: Phil Tufnell
  22. @Aislabie - :eng: :ar: Phillip DeFreitas
  23. @Dale88 - :eng: :bwl: Gladstone Small
  24. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :bwl: Alan Mullally
  25. @Yash. - :eng: :bwl: Peter Such
  26. @Yash. - :eng: :bwl: Mark Ilott
  27. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :bwl: Martin Bicknell
  28. @Dale88 - :eng: :bwl: Syd Lawrence
  29. @Aislabie - :eng: :bat: Mark Ramprakash
  30. @blockerdave - :eng: :wk: Chris Read
  31. @Yash. - :eng: :wk: Steve Rhodes
  32. @blockerdave - :eng: :bat: Mark Butcher
  33. @Aislabie - :eng: :bat: Mike Gatting
  34. @Dale88 - :eng: :bat: Wayne Larkins
  35. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :ar: Mark Ealham
  36. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :ar: John Emburey
  37. @Dale88 - :eng: :ar: Ronnie Irani
  38. @Aislabie - :eng: :bat: Nick Knight
  39. @blockerdave - :eng: :bat: Rob Bailey
  40. @Yash. - :eng: :bat: Alan Wells
  41. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :bat: Hugh Morris
  42. @Yash. - :eng: :bwl: Neil Foster
  43. @blockerdave - :eng: :bwl: Steve Watkin
  44. @Aislabie - :eng: :ar: Chris Lewis
  45. @Dale88 - :eng: :bat: Neil Fairbrother
  46. @Dale88 - :eng: :bwl: Eddie Hemmings
  47. @Aislabie - :eng: :bwl: Richard Illingworth
  48. @blockerdave - :eng: :ar: Ben Hollioake
  49. @Yash. - :eng: :bat: Ali Brown
  50. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :bwl: Peter Martin
  51. @Dale88 - :eng: :bat: Jason Gallian
  52. @ahmedleo414 - :eng: :bat: John Morris
  53. @Yash. - :eng: :bat: Graham Lloyd
  54. @blockerdave - :eng: :bat: Steve James
  55. @Aislabie - :eng: :wk: Richard Blakey

Unpicked XI

D. Brown|Habib|Hegg :wk:|Croft :c:
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Sep 3, 2010
I mean same but still

We can always do a second XI draft afterwards? Would mean picking some uncapped county players as well but there are definitely plenty of those

Actually, if I were to open up the player criteria to include players who played between '88 and '01 there are some extra players who really embody the spirit of '90s England:

:eng: :ar: Usman Afzaal (01)
:eng: :bat: Bill Athey (88)
:eng: :ar: Kim Barnett (89)
:eng: :bat: Chris Broad (88)
:eng: :bat: Tim Curtis (89)
:eng: :bat: Martyn Moxon (89)
:eng: :bat: Tim Robinson (89)
:eng: :ar: John Stephenson (89)
:eng: :bat: Chris Tavare (89)
:eng: :bat: Marcus Trescothick (00)
:eng: :bat: Ian Ward (01)

:eng: :wk: Paul Downton (88)
:eng: :wk: James Foster (01)
:eng: :wk: Jack Richards (88)

:eng: :ar: Chris Cowdrey (88)

:eng: :bwl: Graham Dilley (89)
:eng: :bwl: Matthew Hoggard (00)
:eng: :bwl: Jimmy Ormond (01)
:eng: :bwl: Neal Radford (88)
:eng: :bwl: Ryan Sidebottom (01)

:eng: :bwl: John Childs (88)
:eng: :bwl: Nick Cook (89)
:eng: :bwl: Richard Dawson (01)
:eng: :ar: Chris Schofield (00)

Obviously they'd not go into the original draft, but if we had a second XI draft they could find a place


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Alec Stewart...

There isn't any argument against this pick...


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