A Quick Guide for Beginners.

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Dec 10, 2007
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First of all welcome to the Graphics Forum. :)

This is the place where all the artists display their artworks. So you can show off your creative side in here. Also all requests for signatures, avatars and related artwork(s) should be posted in this forum.

Must Read threads before posting:

Threads that will Help you Creating Artworks:
  • Tutorials Thread - easy and advance tutorials that'll help you tone your graphics skills.
  • Pre-cuts Thread - a place where you'll find various renders or in simpler words precuts. You can share your precuts in this thread as well.
  • PSDs Thread - here you can share the PSDs of your artwork(s).
  • Graphics Resources - a place where you'll find various texutres, brushes, fonts and much more.
  • Image Hosting Sites - a guide to various image hosting sites on the web.

Other Important Threads:
  • Graphics Discussion/Help. - Get all the news and highlights and updates and discussions about graphics and all the help you need with the software stuff in this thread!
  • Photoshop Issues and Errors. - Get answers for all the bugs and errors you encounter in your software!
  • Collabs. - A place to post all the collaborations!
  • Requests Thread. - A place to post all your requests in case you don't know whom to ask or a bonus wish if you want many graphics makers to do your request - of course for some pay!

Planet Cricket Graphics Competitions:
  • PC Graphics Maker Championship - Season 4 - Graphics Maker Championship is an Intensive graphics competition where participants battle out for the best amongst others. A weekly competition where the winner is chosen by the judges upon the quality of the entries in the competition made on a weekly theme. In the midst of an unrolling feast of graphics, This competition has reached it's 4th season and is getting better and better! Join now!

  • Friendly Battles - Friendly Battles is the place where you battle out and improve yourself against a random graphics maker with free challenges. Make a Challenge as you like it, Get an Opponent and go! Challenge yourself and get better! Click on link to get going!

For further queries, contact the moderators.

Enjoy your time on the Graphics forum!

Thanks. :)
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Added Friendly battles into the competitions. Good work Pranav!
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