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Jul 13, 2014
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I still have the field editor "version 1 beta 2" on my computer, so here it is :)


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Oct 10, 2015
AC09 Field Editor v1 Beta

Using the editor

1. Extract global.db file from Async.big.w32

Open the Big Editor and navigate to startup/startup.wad file. Extract global.db from within startup.wad.

2. Edit field settings

Open the Field Editor. Select the global.db file extracted in the previous step and modify the fields as desired. Refer the readme file for more information on editing the field settings. Save changes before exiting.

3. Replace global.db file in Async.big.w32

Backup the Async.big.w32 file. Open the Big editor again and replace the global.db file within startup.wad file with the file modified in the previous step.

This is a beta version so there are likely to be bugs. If the game crashes, replace the Async.big.w32 with the one from your Ashes Cricket 2009 DVD or the backup, and post a bug report along with the global.db file, if possible.


Special thanks to shrenik for discovering that field settings are stored in global.db file, beta testing and for providing the field texture used in the editor.
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