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One of India/Pakistan crashing out for sure. World Cups in WI never end well for the sub-continental teams!
Canada qualifies for the next world Cup.... What a wonderful day for Canada and therefore of course the world
Why is Estonia cricket team 90 percent of Asians
Currently finding teams with European names dominating the men's squads of mainland European countries is quite rare:
1. Netherlands (have a decent supply of diaspora players from SENA countries, in addition they have cricketing dynasties like the De Leede(s), Van Troost(s), Kloppenburg(s), Lubbers(s) etc. keeping the niche culture alive)
2. Greece (cricket is popular in Corfu island among the local population)
3. Italy (they are on a diaspora player acquiring spree)
4. Serbia (they have a birthplace quota, but currently bolstering their squad with diaspora players)
5. Turkiye (their selection policy also seems to indicate reserving places for ethnic Turks)
6. Croatia (have New Zealand, Australian born players with Croatian heritage)

Canada qualifies for the next world Cup.... What a wonderful day for Canada and therefore of course the world
Canada still needs to be vary of Bermuda (who did beat them once in double round-robin) in the American regional qualifiers.

Also, Tom Kohler-Cadmore's brother Ben has joined the German squad.
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The lowest ranked T20I team Croatia (89), boasting 2 50+ year olds, upset Belgium (45), boasting a player with (the now defunct) Pakistan Junior League experience. Might be the biggest cricketing upset in terms of ranking differential

Key performers for Croatia (coached by Mal Loye):
16 year old Zach Vukusic: 53 from 35 and 1 wicket
Michael Grzinic: 2 for 11 in 2 overs
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No idea. Might be some Dutchie having played an unofficial international.
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The Chief Executives' Committee (CEC) has also confirmed the allocation of eight regional qualifying spots for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2026. Under this new structure, two teams each will qualify from Africa and Europe, one from the Americas, and three from a combined Asia and EAP regional final. Previously, Asia was allocated two spots and EAP one.
PNG and Japan got shafted. Earlier it was effectively a potential shootout between them in the EAP region.

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