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Banned for Unknown Reason and Cant Use Contact a Mod forum

Discussion in 'Registration/Log In Problems' started by Banned_User, Jun 17, 2019.

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  1. Banned_User Guest

    Hello Planet-Cricket

    I cant login into my account and also cant use Contact a mod forum
    I have been banned for reason I do not know
    I waited 4 years still I am banned
    Please tell my mistake and remove ban on me

    User id:153176(the digit found at last of URL while searching member)

  2. Snowy Administrator

    Aug 6, 2013
    National Team:
    Well @MattW banned you so I can only imagine it was for a good reason (looks like you were spamming at one point).
  3. Banned_User Guest

    Okay Thanks

    Please explain what spamming I have done
    If I done mistake really sorry for that if I done unknowingly
    Please remove ban on me and give 1 last chance
    I already waited 4 years

  4. Banned_User Guest

    Dear PlanetCricket

    Sorry if I had made a mistake by spamming
    I tried to publish 1 post after which I was banned
    Thanks for letting me know
    I will never repeat this mistake

    I already suffered 4 year long ban

    Please remove ban on me and give 1 last chance I request soon

  5. Banned_User Guest

    Hello anyone admin especially admin @MattW please kindly reply whether I would able
    to return or not.

    I have been waiting for long realized my mistake so please give a reply
    anyone please soon about my ban

  6. Banned_User Guest

    Dear Planet Cricket moderators who approves messages

    Thanks for approving my previous messages

    But now dont approve this message and instead
    delete the whole thread as no one replies and responds

    Please completely delete the whole thread and dont post
    this message

    Hope you keep my simple request

  7. Banned_User Guest

    Please Planetcricket moderators
    those who approve this post

    First dont post this message but instead

    Please delete this entire thread my request
    as no one is responsive

    I request please do it soon nothing
    more I want and hope you accept it

    Waiting for thread to deleted
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