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Cannot log in

Discussion in 'Registration/Log In Problems' started by CeralKiller, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. CeralKiller Guest

    I was posting something in a thread, and as soon as i clicked on "post", it brought me to the login menu. After (correctly) entering my email and password, it brought me to the home page, but i still wasn0t logged in. Tried to do it about 10 times, didn't work.
  2. Same problem here. I automatically got logged out of my account and whenever I try to login again with the correct details, the page is redirected to forum index but still I'm not logged in to my account..

    Please help, tried it for several times now but yet I'm not able to login.
  3. Emma Jones Guest

    Hi there, I have been banned after one day and not sure why if I have insulted anybody I'm sorry but not sure how. Can I be unbanned please?

    Regards, Emma.

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