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  1. Bongo6er School Cricketer

    Oct 20, 2017
    Have they fixed the change of venue yet in 5 over ranked? Or are we still stuck at The Oval?
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  2. chaman82 County Cricketer

    Apr 3, 2011
    Compilation of random online bugs in the latest PS4 build

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  3. Acid Burn International Coach

    Acid Burn
    Jun 21, 2012
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    Pietermaritzburg ,South Africa
    Platform: PS4
    Game Version: Patch1.07
    Game Mode: Online
    Match Type: Any
    Teams used: Any Combination
    Ground: Any
    Over Count: Not Applicable
    Issue (one line description): When setting up a match, the Pitch Characteristics selected does not carry over when the match starts, as well as Umpires selected.
    Bug description (detail): Whatever Pitch Combination of settings is selected at Match Setup Screen , every time a totally different Randomn selection of Pitch Parameters is given when the Match actually starts.

    The Umpires Selected for the Match will also allways select 1 of the 3 On Disk Umpires, and one Player downloaded Umpire for the Match. The Downloaded Umpire officiating in the Match is also different for the two Players, we have confirmed this various times in Party Chat.

    Can everyone else test this, and see if there is any Pattern on what Pitch Characteristics are actually given vs the requested ?

  4. chaman82 County Cricketer

    Apr 3, 2011
    Pitch type depends upon the stadium u select. So if u want a particular pitch type u have to select that stadium.

    It's logical actually but then the option to select pitch type should not be given in online gameplay.

    U can make custom stadium with Ur own preferred pitch type etc.
  5. Acid Burn International Coach

    Acid Burn
    Jun 21, 2012
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    Domestic Team:
    Pietermaritzburg ,South Africa
    Hi Chaman

    I think you`re talking about the outfield here.

    Btw, tested the issue in 3 x matches again last night, and it seems that after Latest Patch, only the Umpires are still randomised, Rest of my Selections all worked 100 %
  6. Amritkhaira School Cricketer

    Jul 7, 2019
    Online Cricket 19 after patch 1.08 things needed to be fixed.

    1. More than 6 balls bowled by the bowler sometimes umpire does not give over sometimes more than 100 balls bowled in one over.

    2.Field presets still not working 10% it works sometimes.

    3.With increased shot power in patch 1.08 the the ideal timing straight shots are catches its travelling more distance in air.
    When close in fielders in place in the V.

    4.Wicket keeper is too lazy when he dives takes a hell lot of time to get up and throw the ball you can run 3 runs also.

    5.Ball speed for fast and fastmedium needs a look for Online as there are no restrictions.
    Bowler skills can be 100 you should test playing skills 100 too as players not locked.
    1 gold and all silver perks balls are like bullet deliveries unplayble even in pro normal mode mainly the cross seam deliveries.
    If you allow only
    1 gold 3 silver 4 bronze perks for the players i feel this issue may be solved or reduce the bowling speed a bit for online.
    Crossseam speed is too high with fast and fast medium bowlers needs to be looked at seriously.

    6.Fielders often running around still while
    Batting in online games.

    7.Edges are unrealistic even ideal timing are getting edges especially to the green deliveries after patch 1.08.

    8.Loopy throws in inner circle still there.

    9.Sometimes with leg buys we take a run but batsman does not change end.

    10. Online net strenght added very good option but you can display as who has a stronger net between 2 players in a online match will be great.

    11.Not striker run out bug he leaves the creaze for no reason causing run outs.

    12. 90% of the time when we see replays the ball is invisible.

    13. While hosting a online match stopages are not required its a waste of time remove the option while hosting should be no stopages no one has so much time in online.

    14. Fielding throwing button in semi assisted fielding u give input but the fielder does not respond to the easy single happens often.

    15.When semi-asisted fielding fielder throwing for run out the bowler collects the ball in front of the wicket so we loose lot of runouts.

    16.Leaderboard fix needed All matches shown as one there is no division like we use to have in ashes.
    If i play ten 5 over matches it shown in other modes also .T20 also it will show ten also.

    17.Kindly add few haistyles hahaha.
  7. Acid Burn International Coach

    Acid Burn
    Jun 21, 2012
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    Pietermaritzburg ,South Africa
    After My first 10 Online Matches I can report back the Following ( All played on Hard Difficulty against a 95 Green Connection) :

    • More than 6 Legitimate balls an Over can be bowled by a Bowler now and again. If this happens, it carries on indefinately until the one party quits the game.
    • Lofted Shots Ball Arc is waaaay to high , needs to be flatter. This will mean that sometimes fielders will run from the inner ring to the boundary, turn around and then casually catch the ball.
    It also manifests itself in the straight shots in the V , where all the different Balls , for some reason being normally hit goes aerial and becomes catches for any close fielders and the bowler if timed Late.
    Yorkers and even Yellow length Balls , whilst trying to just hit them along the ground , will somehow loop up if timed late. This should be totally impossible , a Late Shot means the bat angle is still coming down on the ball and should be a bump ball, or bottom edge animation , and NOT the loopy catch to Mid-On and Mid Off/Bowler

    • The Leg side shot animation for a Lofted shot over Mid Wicket etc. just stops , meaning looks exactly the same as a ground shot, we need one with a follow through like in Ashes and previous iterations.
    • The Fielding needs a Major Look at. This is all on Semi Assisted Fielding.

    He basically anticipates every ball , and if the outcome is different to the normal ball path , he will first complete the "normal" animation and then wake up and try and execute the new required one.
    Any ball that is taken on the body and trickles to short fine leg , the keeper will wait for about 3-4 seconds and then eventually start jogging to the ball that is like 5 meters away from him, meaning the Batsman can complete an easy single and even a Cheeky two.
    If the Keeper falls down, he takes 4 seconds to get back up, and are unable to throw the ball at the stumps whilst on the ground.
    Keeping against a Spinner , the batsman will block the ball and set off for a run. Keeper will not field the ball thats 2 meters in front of him, and will wait for some of the lazy fielders to fetch the Ball.
    When fielding throws, he does not have the catch and take the bails off animation , meaning only direct hits can result in run outs.


    Runs can be taken 95 % of the Time against inner ring fielders. They cannot do anything about it, as the whole animation is just too slow.
    When fielders dive and fall , they take 3-4 seconds to eventually get up before they can throw the ball. They are unable to throw the ball whilst being on the ground.
    The Square fielders (Point, Square Leg, Extra Cover and Extra Mid Wicket) throwing meters , randomly glitches out whilst trying to execute a Run Out. This has been a Feature of the Online Fielding Set up since DBC14 and needs a Look at.
    Fielders will still run in different directions over the pitch whilst bowler is already running in.
    Fielders still manage to throw Primary School loopedy loops. Why dont Bigantstudios just remove this animation for a flatter softer throw ?
    They have a new "Get down on one knee" animation , that they randomly showcase in the middle of an On Pitch Run Out attempt.... Looks very annoying.


    When fielding throws for possible Direct Hit run out attempts, the bowler will just field the Ball, BEFORE the wicket, negating any chances of a Run Out.
    Does not have a fast enough animation for the "Catch and break the Stumps" animation.

    • When Fast Bowling , you now have the following scenario :
    A Normally executed Fast ball will be bowled at 151.2
    An Extra Effort Fast ball will be bowled at 151.2
    Then I decided to Max Out one of my Fasties with all the Extra Fast Bowling Perks in the Game.
    After all of the above, he now manages to bowl 151.2...

    Leaving me to wonder, is the perks cosmetic, or do they have an actual effect, as I could not see any difference after maxing out all my other Players Perks as well.
    Game played as if I did nothing.....

    • When looking at the Replays , we never see the ball.
    • The Cencored Issue still remains, and we have done all the Parental Control, has to be signed in with main account workarounds. Something else still blocks this, Team name and any Custom Made Players (meaning a Player you created yourself) We have downloaded each other`s teams a few times to try and figure this out, but yet have no workaround to fix this.
    @Dutch , @BigAntStudios , @HBK619 , @mikeymerren , @Gamer Pradosh , @WealeyH , @blockerdave , hoping that the above synopsis of the Online Side of the Game will assist in the fixing of these last remaining irritations, before this game can take off and be the best.
  8. Jerm International Coach

    Apr 21, 2014
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    Cape Cobras
    Cape Town, RSA
    Agree 100% but I have some addons:

    The fast bowlers bowl on Normal Fast and Effort ball at 151.2, however it deifnately looks and feels faster for an extra effort ball, even though the speed gun does not change...
    Slower balls for Fast bowlers are also always 140.5 or something no matter if you release it early of late, the speed guns are WAY off, the slower ball of a fast bowler feels slower than a effort ball of a spin bowler!!

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  9. Amritkhaira School Cricketer

    Jul 7, 2019
    Fast and fast medium with 1 gold and 7 silver perks few perks increase the pace more.
    Still crosseam effort balls show 151.2 but its actually coming at 190 to 200 speeds need a must look.
    Making it unplayble in online
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  10. Acid Burn International Coach

    Acid Burn
    Jun 21, 2012
    National Team:
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    Pietermaritzburg ,South Africa
    We also need a way to see the opponents Team Ratings BEFORE a match starts , otherwise how do we as League owners control the Skill Ratings for Batting Bowling and Fielding for the Teams Participating in a League.

    In the Previous versions , you could see the opponents ratings if he pressed "Ready" first on the Match Setup Screen.

    With the new version, there is no way whatsoever to try and see what skilled team you are up against.

    We need a Screen where the Two Teams 3 x Ratings are matched to one another.
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  11. Amritkhaira School Cricketer

    Jul 7, 2019
    Also we need to see is it hosted normalise skills yes or no as many gamers cheat while hosting.
    Best is to disable perks for online .
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  12. Amritkhaira School Cricketer

    Jul 7, 2019
    Have a suggestion lot of cheats and unrealistic edits like bowling speed 000 can be avoided this way.
    For example me using
    S.Akhtar a fast bowler this input can be with all players
    His skills need to be locked at pictures below.
    Bars i showed is just for example i can be higer or lower penendi g on the player.
    Batting 2 bars for all
    Bowling 3 .3 bars for all
    Fielding 5 bars for all
    Perks 0 all 8 are not locked and open to be added.
    Without perks his skills locked at 59.

    Only the perks section is open to add perks acording to the human with 8 perks.
    1 gold and rest 7 silver or bronze.

    So perks take effect too to increase skills of a perticular player.

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  13. Amritkhaira School Cricketer

    Jul 7, 2019
    Now my locked Akhtar at 59 skills i choose my 8 perks for him.
    Now his rating becomes 79
    With all perks input.
    This may slove lot of issues online .

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  14. Acid Burn International Coach

    Acid Burn
    Jun 21, 2012
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    Pietermaritzburg ,South Africa
    Some feedback on the Latest Patch after a few Online T 20`s played on Hard with a Good 80 Green Connection.

    On Replays , we can now see the Ball each time , Happy this one got sorted , now if they can just fix the stutter whilst looking at the ball.

    The Issue of Yellow/Blue Balls being hit late going aerial to the Bowler/Mid On/Off has been adjusted a little bit, but still needs a proper look at the Physics because it should NEVER be possible to go up in the air.

    Currently now its just been reduced a bit to the point where normal Mid On/Off wont catch it, only Short Mid On/Off , and the bowler sometimes. (We only got him to catch 2 x in one match on a Soft? Pitch with the Medium Bowlers. The Medium and Hard Pitches the Bowler wasnt too much interested in catching the C&B`s)

    Not sure why only on a soft pitch with the mediums bowling , but at least its better than before.

    The problem now online is , with the super extra Fast Bowling that some players can extract (and we dont currently know how) , they just then bowl a Mix of Slow and Super extra Fast Yellow and Blue Balls , and have the ring fielders up , and Mid On/Off on Short as well to wait for the inevitable catches to follow.

    Meaning we can muster only 9 - 15 runs all out in a Pro 20....

    When playing against a Player that doesnt employ these tactics , we happily make 130 in 20 Overs.
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  15. Amritkhaira School Cricketer

    Jul 7, 2019
    Those type of super fast crosseam bowls are bowled with the help of few silver perks.

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