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Sep 12, 2011
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Are they possible to do as they are in cricket 2007?
1. Bowlers' run up will be shown from a further range like 07.
2. Variation of speed(the xml file however don't know if it persits in 05.
3. Importing players' and umpires' models from cricket 07.
4. Faster gameplay.
I am saying these because cricket 2005 gameplay is better than 07, but above improvements will really make it a masterpiece. Any possibilities please reply, if not, yet reply.


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Nov 22, 2010
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All the thing you mentioned above can be done by following ways:

1.Your first point require camera angle editing
2.Second point says about Variation of speed that can also be done by editing bowling config xml file.(Don't know whether cricket 07 one will work??)
3.Third point requires model editing.Cricket 07 & Cricket 05 models are different so you can't use cricket 07 models in cricket 05.
4.It requires Gameplay & AI patch.There are many Gameplay & AI patches available for cricket 05.Try any of them. :thumbs

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