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Cricket 22 General Discussion thread (Use bug report thread for issues/bugs/crashes | Patch notes in first post)


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Jun 4, 2020
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What console you on mate ? I’m a LS bowler in career mode all works fine for me ps5

Series X bud.

Career Eng club 3 day, one day & T20 are all OK. The Eng domestic system FC, one day & T20 are all working fine on English grounds too, & so far any FC matches I've played in the Australian domestic system are working OK as far as spin is concerned as well.

Everything just went horribly wrong for the ODI & what does my calendar now show???

.......Another 4 x ODI against PAK all at Lahore, immediately followed by 4 x Tests, also at Lahore. YAY!!

All with completely busted spin by default. A great introduction to internationals in C22 career mode!! In contrast it took me days to reach international level in previous iterations but that's C22 all over. (I'll have to run a test using different international grounds against PAK instead but 7+ months & such fundamentals are still borked & obviously that just shouldn't be necessary at this point.)

Also Spin Bowl bounces very less

Yes, also seeing typical spin bounce behaving oddly at times with certain pitch types especially those where there should be more bounce. That's been an issue on & off since day one. It had been OK for a while but it's apparently been reintroduced. I can't recall many others reporting it being reintroduced recently but C22 along with BA are pretty much reaching the terminal end of my patience & I'm clearly not alone there as reports of such obvious issues are just dwindling along with the patch schedule.

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