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Cricket League : GCL - Big Update Live Now!

Discussion in 'Cricket Games General Chat' started by GodSpeed Games, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. GodSpeed Games School Cricketer

    GodSpeed Games
    Sep 5, 2018
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    Mumbai Indians
    Hello Everyone,

    We take this opportunity to share all about our 3d Cricket Game - "Cricket League : GCL". It's currently live on Play Store and is accessible via below link :


    The game has been available on Play Store for a while now. And we have recently pushed a major update with some distinct changes like :
    • New Bowling Gameplay
    • New Bowler Camera
    • Hawk Eye
    • New Game Modes: Exhibition, Wager
    • 1500+ New Players
    • New Stadiums: London, Mumbai, Melbourne and Pune
    • New Pitch: Dead, Dusty and Green
    • Ability To Move Batsman
    • 8 New International Teams
    • Team Customization
    It will be great to get your valuable feedback on the title, as we continuously work to bring more improvements and add new features.

    Happy Cricketing!

    Many Thanks
    GodSpeed Games.
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