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Discussing Problems of Cricket and its nations | Test Cricket

Discussion in 'Cricket Discussion' started by Sinister One, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. sawsibk Mystery Monarch

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    Dec 15, 2010
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    How to bring Test cricket back to life?



    Day/Night Test matches will bring more people to the ground.



    New Venues will bring more people and players.



    Test Cricket need a world cup for future survival.



    Test leagues will bring more global viewership.



    New players whose age is low, they should be taken in the Test team.

    How to reduce home domination of teams?


    Reduction will bring problems. ICC need to introduce rules, unless this domination will further increase.​
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  2. Quadralus Club Captain

    Aug 12, 2018
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    For Test Cricket to grow ,these three things should be introduced :-

    Day Night Match

    Standardised Ball

    Test Cricket League


    It would result in increase in viewership from the visiting team's countries.


    This is the most important thing. Right now in test cricket, three balls are used:-

    The Kookaburra in Australia

    The Dukes in England

    The SG Ball in India

    In order to promote test cricket, all countries should use a standardised Ball,which would be voted by the 12 full member nations

    Test Championship

    We have seen how the UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE has brought life into Football. Earlier it used to meaningless friendlies,but now every thing is a competitive fixture with relegation and promotion. ICC should do so with test cricket.

    Championship 1 - 2020-2021

    League A - Top 6 teams divide into 2 groups of 3 according to their rankings.

    League B - Bottom 6 into 2 groups of 3 a according to rankings

    Associate - Top 6 associate nations in a single league extending Upto 2 years.

    :goldo:Each team will play the other team twice in :local: and :os: leg
    :bro:The top team from each group will get :up:. to The playoffs while the bottom team will get:down: to relegation playoffs
    :blueo: In the league stage, each team will play the twice in a 3 match series.
    :purpo:In the playoffs however,it will be a 4 match series both :local: and :os:.
    :redo:Whoever accounts more wins will have more points.
    Ex:- Team A wins the series at home versus Team B by 2-1.
    Team B wins the series at Home versus Team A by 2-0.
    So points in Team A - 2,Team B -3

    Away victories count more than normal home victories so incase of a tie, the team will away victory will win

    BONUS POINTS( optional)
    10 wickets - 5 points
    300 runs - 5points
    400 or greater - 7 points.
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    To reduce home dominance ,just let touring side decide whether they would bat or bowl first, and to standardise pitches i.e not make rank turner's neither green mambas nor a flat pancake
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  3. wasteyouryouth Panel of Selectors

    Apr 12, 2014
    To bring test cricket back to life I think you have to accept it's reduced importance to make it more important. I think the women's Ashes is a great example of how all formats can be used to create ongoing interest in a series. Even if I'm not watching every match I can still keep track of the series because of the points system. I agree with @Quadralus in the sense that almost all international cricket has no actual relevance. Not all bilateral series are the Ashes so they won't create interest on a wider level. You need that genuine goal, some stakes, that teams can strive towards.

    I'd just have a single World Championship with points scored for series victories and each series having the points system to determine the winner. It's not just the best test nation or the best ODI nation - it's finding out who is the best cricketing nation.

    I'd split the test teams into two groups; have them play home and away over three years starting after a World Cup. Each series would consist of minimum 1 test, 3 ODI, 1 T20; maximum 5 test, 5 ODI, 3 T20. If they want to play more matches or other series they can but they don't count towards to the World Championship. In the fourth year the top side from each group play a home and away series to determine the winner.

    GROUP A: India, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland
    GROUP B: England, South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe

    Below that I'd have a similar format with the best associates, maybe based around regions, and include some A sides in it too.

    The big issue with home advantage is that teams just don't prepare in the conditions. Nowadays they play one or two games with about 15 players so it's basically an onfield net. Often they play will be weakened sides too. I doubt we'll go back to the days of full tours where they play multiple matches before and in between so why not have the ICC encourage the test teams to play a competitive 3 or 4 day game against associates in preparation. If there's not an easily accessible side (like Scotland if a team tours England) then just fly a team in. It'd give the associates greater exposure too.

    I also think that in general the standard has either improved or the gap between best and mid-level teams has reduced. There are 5 or 6 teams (India, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Pakistan) at a similar level, or at least have bowling attacks that can perform in any conditions. At home they are going to be stronger. But I don't think that away sides aren't competing; NZ won in the UAE, England won in Sri Lanka, India were competitive in the summer in England and Pakistan drew.
  4. Perfect Square No Corners

    Perfect Square
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    Aug 1, 2014
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    I've said it before. Eliminating the toss and giving opportunity to the visiting side will almost end home domination.
  5. DrewBi Club Cricketer

    Nov 24, 2016
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    New south Wales Blues
    Lismore, NSW, Australia
    I don't think removing the toss is a good idea. Look at what happened when India cam to Australia, the toss dictated the game, if India just chose every time then they would have won 4 -0. What about when countries go to similar countries like when India tour Pakistan or Bangladesh tour Sri Lanka.

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