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Jun 22, 2006
This thread will be an attempt to create an alternative cricket history beginning in the 1991/2 season featuring the 9 World Cup teams of that year.
I will attempt to carry on through the years with Bangladesh being added in 1997/8 and given Test status 3 years early.
Zimbabwe and South Africa have been given their Test status at the beginning of the 1991/2 season in another marked difference from reality,.
The matches will feature only Test players officially carded for the game and selections will be my own based on match conditions and form with some differences to real life.
The schedule will be loosely based on real life with some tours and tournaments added as I see fit and some series extended.
In a difference from my past replays I will be allowing in game injuries as they are part of the drama of the game.
All matches will be simmed using Owzat Games International Cricket dice game.
Matches will be played using the IC Excel Helper and feature the Enhanced New Ball option, and Standard Stamina rules.
Pre-game injuries will be the luck of the dice with real life long term injuries ignored.
I will be playing ODIs because I have found the Helper does a decent job of simming the games and it is a format I enjoy tactically particularly from the bowling point of view.
No T20s this time, T20 stats are meaningless to me and the run rates in IC aren't high enough to allow a decent simulation of T20 cricket.
The highlight of the 1st season will no doubt be the 1991/2 ODI World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.
More to follow...

ODI World Cup.jpg

The highlight of the 1st season will be the 1991/2 ODI World Cup in Australia and New Zealand
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The first series I will cover is the 1991/2 ODI Tri Series in Sharjah featuring India, Pakistan and West Indies.
All matches will be played at the Sharjah Cricket Association Ground, Sharjah,

Sharjah ODI Tri Series - in Sharjah - 1991/2 - Series Schedule

Pakistan v West Indies
India v Pakistan
India v West Indies
Pakistan v West Indies
India v West Indies
India v Pakistan


WI cricket.jpeg
India Squad for Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - in Sharjah - 1991/2

R.J.Shastri SLA
W.V.Raman SLA
M.Azharuddin (c)
S.R.Tendulkar LBG
Kapil Dev RFM
M.Prabhakar RFM
K.S.More (wk)
C.S.Pandit (wk)
C.Sharma RFM
A.Kumble LBG
J.Srinath RFM
S.L.V.Raju SLA
S.A.Ankola RMF
N.D.Hirwani LBG

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Pakistan Squad for Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - in Sharjah - 1991/2

Rameez Raja
Saeed Anwar
Aamer Sohail SLA
Shoaib Mohammad
Zahid Fazal
Javed Miandad LBG
Saleem Malik LBG
Ijaz Ahmed
Asif Mujtaba SLA
Imran Khan (c) RF
Shahid Saeed RM
Manzoor Elahi RFM
Moin Khan (wk)
Naved Anjum RFM
Wasim Akram LF
Akram Raza OB
Waqar Younis RF
Mushtaq Ahmed LBG
Aaqib Javed RFM

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West Indies Squad for Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - in Sharjah - 1991/2

P.V.Simmons RM
R.B.Richardson (c)
C.L.Hooper OB
K.L.T.Arthurton SLA
P.J.L.Dujon (wk)
D.Williams (wk)
R.C.Haynes LBG
R.A.Harper OB
M.D.Marshall RF
W.K.M.Benjamin RF
I.R.Bishop RF
C.E.L.Ambrose RF
C.A.Walsh RF
B.P.Patterson RF

WI cricket.jpeg
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Pakistan v West Indies - Sharjah Tri-Series ODI - at Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah - 1991/2

Ijaz Ahmed - Back Trouble (miss 1 match)

After being sent into bat on a pitch offering High Bounce the West Indies were put in a strong postion by opener Phil Simmons and captain Richie Richardson who added 90 for the 2nd wicket.
Richardson went on to a well made 69 but Wasim Akram kept chipping away with regular wickets and he finished with 5-27 off 10 overs as West Indies totalled 216/8 off 50 overs.
The Pakistan reply was a poor one with the West Indies Fast bowlers sharing 7 wickets in the first 20 overs and then 3 cheap wickets to the Medium pace of Phil Simmons finishing the innings off for 130 all out in 30.2 overs.
Phil Simmons was named Man of the Match for his excellent allround effort of 48 with the bat and 3-5 off 3.2 overs with the ball.

West Indies Vs Pakistan

1-Innings Match Played At Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah, 01-Sep-1991, One Day International

West Indies Win by 86 runs

Toss won byPakistan
Home Side(neutral)
Player of MatchPV Simmons
CommentPitch 7C Weather 9
West Indies 1st Innings 216/8 Closed (Overs 50)

DL Haynesc Aaqib Javedb Wasim Akram18493130
PV Simmonsc Imran Khanb Wasim Akram481227950
RB Richardson*c Saleem Malikb Wasim Akram6910577102
BC Lara b Saleem Malik22633920
AL Logiec Moin Khanb Wasim Akram19271840
CL Hooper b Waqar Younis08300
PJL Dujon+not out 19482830
RC Haynesc Moin Khanb Imran Khan1210711
MD Marshall b Wasim Akram25500
IR Bishopnot out 3261600
CEL Ambrosednb
extras (b1 lb0 w1 nb2)4
TOTAL 8 wickets for216
1-29(DL Haynes) 2-119(PV Simmons) 3-144(RB Richardson) 4-179(AL Logie)
5-179(BC Lara) 6-183(CL Hooper) 7-203(RC Haynes) 8-206(MD Marshall)
Wasim Akram103275
Waqar Younis103421
Imran Khan102291
Aaqib Javed100440
Mushtaq Ahmed60470
Saleem Malik40261
Pakistan 1st Innings 130/10 All Out (Overs 30.2)

Rameez Rajac PJL Dujonb MD Marshall712800
Shoaib Mohammadc PV Simmonsb CEL Ambrose17221230
Zahid Fazalc MD Marshallb IR Bishop23412540
Javed Miandadc IR Bishopb CEL Ambrose17573320
Saleem Malikc AL Logieb IR Bishop20562212
Imran Khan* b IR Bishop7141210
Moin Khan+c PV Simmonsb CEL Ambrose36500
Wasim Akramc BC Larab PV Simmons9231900
Waqar Younisnot out 22393611
Mushtaq Ahmedc BC Larab PV Simmons02200
Aaqib Javed b PV Simmons3211000
extras (b0 lb0 w0 nb2)2
TOTAL 10 wickets for130
1-18(Rameez Raja) 2-28(Shoaib Mohammad) 3-57(Zahid Fazal) 4-82(Javed Miandad)
5-92(Imran Khan) 6-95(Moin Khan) 7-98(Saleem Malik) 8-118(Wasim Akram)
9-118(Mushtaq Ahmed) 10-130(Aaqib Javed)
MD Marshall60351
CEL Ambrose80293
IR Bishop60343
RC Haynes41130
CL Hooper30140
PV Simmons3.2153

Phil Simmons.jpg

Phil Simmons scored 48 with the bat and took 3-5 off 3.2 overs with the ball
India v Pakistan - Sharjah Tri-Series ODI - at Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah - 1991/2

K.S.More - Badly Bruised Hand (miss 1 match), Zahid Fazal - Taken Ill (Miss Rest of Tour)

ODI Debuts: V.G.Kambli, J.Srinath

India won the Toss and batted first and Sanjay Manjrekar top scored with a solid 57 as his team totalled 202/8 off their allotted 50 overs.
Pakistan were given an excellent start by openers Rameez Raja and Shoaib Mohammad who turned the chase into an easy one after adding 143 in quick time.
Man of the Match Rameez scored 80 at close to a run a ball and Shoaib finished with an unbeaten 81* to see their side to an easy win with 6 overs to spare.

India Vs Pakistan

1-Innings Match Played At Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah, 02-Sep-1991, One Day International

Pakistan Win by 8 wkts

Toss won byIndia
Home Side(neutral)
Player of MatchRameez Raja
CommentPitch 5A Weather 2

India 1st Innings 202/8 Closed (Overs 50)

RJ Shastrib Wasim Akram13503910
NS Sidhuc Moin Khanb Akram Raza411066450
SV Manjrekarc Rameez Rajab Imran Khan571297450
M Azharuddin*lbwb Aaqib Javed16433420
SR Tendulkarlbwb Wasim Akram9151710
VG Kamblic Javed Miandadb Waqar Younis34623321
Kapil Devc Javed Miandadb Imran Khan16191610
M Prabhakarc Saleem Malikb Imran Khan05300
CS Pandit+not out9291500
J Srinathnot out45600
SLV Rajudnb
extras(b2 lb0 w0 nb1)3
TOTAL8 wickets for202

1-23(RJ Shastri) 2-72(NS Sidhu) 3-119(M Azharuddin) 4-132(SR Tendulkar)
5-147(SV Manjrekar) 6-171(Kapil Dev) 7-171(M Prabhakar) 8-197(VG Kambli)

Wasim Akram102272
Waqar Younis101421
Imran Khan101403
Aaqib Javed100411
Akram Raza70361
Saleem Malik30140

Pakistan 1st Innings 203/2 Closed (Overs 44)

Rameez Rajalbwb SLV Raju8010282120
Shoaib Mohammadnot out81158128100
Ijaz Ahmedc VG Kamblib RJ Shastri32414150
Javed Miandadnot out7121600
Saleem Malikdnb
Imran Khan*dnb
Moin Khan+dnb
Wasim Akramdnb
Akram Razadnb
Waqar Younisdnb
Aaqib Javeddnb
extras(b0 lb0 w2 nb1)3
TOTAL2 wickets for203

1-143(Rameez Raja) 2-195(Ijaz Ahmed)

Kapil Dev80390
M Prabhakar81400
J Srinath60360
SLV Raju101441
RJ Shastri101331
SR Tendulkar20110

Rameez Raja.jpg

Rameez Raja scored a quick 80 to set up an easy Pakistan win
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Pakistan Team News - Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - Sharjah 1991/2

With Pakistan batsman Zahid Fazal taken ill and missing the rest of the tour the Pakistan selectors have called up batsman Aamer Malik as a replacement.
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India v West Indies - Sharjah Tri-Series ODI - at Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah - 1991/2


India batted first on a Dry and Grassless pitch expected to help the batsmen and slipped to 64/5 before a maiden ODI half century to Vinod Kambli took them to a below par 190/8 off 50 overs.
An injury in the outfield to West Indies Fast bowler Ian Bishop meant he only bowled 5 overs and was part of the reason India managed to stage a recovery.
West Indies captain Richie Richardson raced to a 34 ball half century to lead a strong reply and set up 6 wicket win with 4.5 overs to spare.

India Vs West Indies

1-Innings Match Played At Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah, 03-Sep-1991, One Day International

West Indies Win by 6 wkts

Toss won byIndia
Home Side(neutral)
Player of MatchRB Richardson
CommentPitch 2A Weather 7
India 1st Innings 190/8 Closed (Overs 50)

RJ Shastric PJL Dujonb MD Marshall811910
NS Sidhuc CL Hooperb IR Bishop3702800
SV Manjrekarlbwb BP Patterson24282530
M Azharuddin*c PV Simmonsb CEL Ambrose14221430
SR Tendulkarc CL Hooperb MD Marshall11281410
VG Kamblilbwb BP Patterson531328151
Kapil Devlbwb PV Simmons26423140
M Prabhakarb CEL Ambrose24594910
CS Pandit+not out18483210
A Kumblenot out3402300
SLV Rajudnb
extras(b0 lb0 w3 nb3)6
TOTAL8 wickets for190
1-10(RJ Shastri) 2-36(SV Manjrekar) 3-51(M Azharuddin) 4-55(NS Sidhu)
5-64(SR Tendulkar) 6-103(Kapil Dev) 7-168(M Prabhakar) 8-172(VG Kambli)
MD Marshall103352
CEL Ambrose100442
IR Bishop52141
BP Patterson100402
CL Hooper71260
PV Simmons80311
West Indies 1st Innings 193/4 Closed (Overs 45.5)

DL Haynesb M Prabhakar21503420
PV Simmonslbwb Kapil Dev15282420
RB Richardson*lbwb A Kumble769080130
BC Larab SLV Raju36635650
AL Logienot out14473800
CL Hoopernot out23414710
PJL Dujon+dnb
MD Marshalldnb
IR Bishopdnb
CEL Ambrosednb
BP Pattersondnb
extras(b4 lb0 w2 nb2)8
TOTAL4 wickets for193
1-23(PV Simmons) 2-56(DL Haynes) 3-150(BC Lara) 4-152(RB Richardson)
Kapil Dev100401
M Prabhakar91411
SLV Raju9.50451
A Kumble101271
RJ Shastri50250
SR Tendulkar20110

Richie Richardson.jpg

West Indies captain Richie Richardson scored a 34 ball half century to set up the win
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Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - Points Table (after 3 matches)

West Indies....2....2....0....4
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Pakistan v West Indies - Sharjah Tri-Series ODI - Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah - 1991/2

B.P.Patterson - Thigh Strain (miss 1 match)

With 2 wins from 2 and an excellent Net Run Rate the West Indies felt they had all but qualified for the Tri-Series final and elected to rest some key players.
West Indies won the Toss and batted first and posted a well below par 154 all out off 41.1 overs after the Pakistan Fast bowlers shared 9 wickets.
Pakistan lost 5 wickets for 4 runs to some brilliant Fast bowling in a sensational start to their innings and from there there was no recovery as they slid to a 50 run defeat.
Fast bowler Winston Benjamin finished with 4-24 after 2 wickets in his first over to win the Man of the Match award as his side made it 3 wins from 3 to guarantee West Indies a place in the Final.

West Indies Vs Pakistan

1-Innings Match Played At Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah, 04-Sep-1991, One Day International

West Indies Win by 50 runs

Toss won byWest Indies
Home Side(neutral)
Player of MatchWKM Benjamin
CommentPitch 5A Weather 2
West Indies 1st Innings 154/10 All Out (Overs 41.4)

PV Simmonsc Rameez Rajab Waqar Younis4211010
CB Lambertc Wasim Akramb Waqar Younis410610
RB Richardson* b Imran Khan38652961
BC Larac Rameez Rajab Imran Khan412800
CL Hooperc Moin Khanb Imran Khan02100
KLT Arthurtonc Moin Khanb Wasim Akram371228131
D Williams+c Saleem Malikb Akram Raza17413410
RC Haynesc Javed Miandadb Wasim Akram32554051
WKM Benjamin b Imran Khan9241600
IR Bishopnot out 4241400
CA Walsh b Waqar Younis2161300
extras (b1 lb0 w2 nb0)3
TOTAL 10 wickets for154
1-8(CB Lambert) 2-12(PV Simmons) 3-23(BC Lara) 4-23(CL Hooper) 5-68(RB Richardson)
6-102(D Williams) 7-131(KLT Arthurton) 8-141(RC Haynes) 9-148(WKM Benjamin)
10-154(CA Walsh)
Wasim Akram81332
Waqar Younis8.42273
Imran Khan102284
Aaqib Javed50320
Akram Raza80171
Saleem Malik20160
Pakistan 1st Innings 104/10 All Out (Overs 32.4)

Rameez Raja b IR Bishop03300
Shoaib Mohammadc RB Richardsonb CA Walsh08100
Ijaz Ahmed b WKM Benjamin2231000
Javed Miandadlbwb CA Walsh25500
Saleem Malikc D Williamsb WKM Benjamin30784730
Imran Khan*c PV Simmonsb WKM Benjamin02100
Moin Khan+ b WKM Benjamin13331910
Wasim Akramc D Williamsb CA Walsh519510
Akram Razac PV Simmonsb RC Haynes8392410
Waqar Younisnot out 36625432
Aaqib Javedlbwb PV Simmons6332900
extras (b0 lb0 w1 nb1)2
TOTAL 10 wickets for104
1-0(Rameez Raja) 2-2(Shoaib Mohammad) 3-4(Javed Miandad) 4-4(Ijaz Ahmed)
5-4(Imran Khan) 6-28(Moin Khan) 7-50(Wasim Akram) 8-52(Saleem Malik)
9-67(Akram Raza) 10-104(Aaqib Javed)
IR Bishop62191
CA Walsh82183
WKM Benjamin60244
RC Haynes61191
CL Hooper41100
PV Simmons1.40111
KLT Arthurton1030

West Indies 3.jpg

West Indies made it 3 wins from 3 to qualify for the Sharjah ODI Tri-Series Final
India v West Indies - Sharjah Tri-Series ODI - Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah - 1991/2


In Humid conditions ideal for Swing bowling Indian Fast Medium bowler Chetan Sharma claimed 4-28 off 10 overs as West Indies slid to a total of 152 all out off 47.2 overs.
West Indies keeper Jeff Dujon made a fighting unbeaten 60* to lead a partial recovery from 86/8 but in the end it wasn't enough as India claimed their 1st win of the tournament.
A solid half century to opener Venkat Raman set up an easy win as India chased down the target for the loss of 4 wickets with 7.5 overs to spare.

West Indies Vs India

1-Innings Match Played At Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah, 05-Sep-1991, One Day International

India Win by 6 wkts

Toss won byIndia
Home Side(neutral)
Player of MatchC Sharma
CommentPitch 1B Weather 1
West Indies 1st Innings 152/10 All Out (Overs 47.2)

PV Simmonsc M Azharuddinb M Prabhakar13241630
CB Lambert b M Prabhakar15500
RB Richardson*c M Azharuddinb C Sharma8503200
BC Lara b M Prabhakar210800
AL Logie b C Sharma08500
KLT Arthurtonc WV Ramanb C Sharma25282640
PJL Dujon+not out 601339880
RA Harper b C Sharma3161000
MD Marshall b A Kumble11232510
IR Bishopc M Azharuddinb Kapil Dev15524910
BP Pattersonc KS Moreb A Kumble3191500
extras (b2 lb4 w2 nb3)11
TOTAL 10 wickets for152
1-2(CB Lambert) 2-18(PV Simmons) 3-20(BC Lara) 4-22(AL Logie) 5-33(RB Richardson)
6-59(KLT Arthurton) 7-69(RA Harper) 8-86(MD Marshall) 9-132(IR Bishop)
10-152(BP Patterson)
Kapil Dev100301
M Prabhakar102423
C Sharma102284
A Kumble8.22192
RJ Shastri60150
SR Tendulkar2080
WV Raman1040
India 1st Innings 155/4 Closed (Overs 42.1)

RJ Shastric KLT Arthurtonb MD Marshall22362450
WV Ramanlbwb RA Harper621369860
SV Manjrekarc PJL Dujonb IR Bishop48610
M Azharuddin*c PV Simmonsb MD Marshall361177240
SR Tendulkarnot out 25493540
VG Kamblinot out 6221810
Kapil Devdnb
M Prabhakardnb
KS More+dnb
C Sharmadnb
A Kumblednb
extras (b0 lb0 w0 nb0)0
TOTAL 4 wickets for155
1-29(RJ Shastri) 2-34(SV Manjrekar) 3-108(WV Raman) 4-129(M Azharuddin)
MD Marshall90392
IR Bishop81311
BP Patterson60250
RA Harper9.11341
PV Simmons62140
KLT Arthurton40120

Anil Kumble.jpg

Anil Kumble bowled a tight spell for India to help set up the win
India v Pakistan - Sharjah Tri-Series ODI - Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah - 1991/2

S.R.Tendulkar - Ankle Injury (miss 1 match)

With both sides locked on 1 win apiece from 3 games this game was a virtual Semi-Final with a win to either side enough to make the Final.
India won the Toss and bowled first on a Good Paced Wicket expected to help the Fast and Fast Medium bowlers but also increase the scoring rate.
After 2 early wickets to India Fast Medium bowler Chetan Sharma, Pakistan opener Saeed Anwar and Number 4 Javed Miandad scored brilliant centuries to set up a massive total.
The Pakistan 3rd wicket pair added 262 at close to 8 an over to make Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin regret his decision to bowl first and set up a monumental score of 352/7 off 50 overs.
Saeed scored 169 off 124 balls with 27 fours and 3 sixes while Javed made 148 from 122 balls with 19 fours and 6 sixes as they put the Indian attack to the sword.
Half centuries to Mohammad Azharuddin and Vinod Kambli gave the Indian reply some respectability but 5 wickets to Waqar Younis and 3 to Wasim Akram set up a big Pakistan win.
Saeed Anwar was named Man of the Match as Pakistan easily qualified for the Final with their 2nd win from 4 games leaving India on the bottom of the table with only 1 win.

Pakistan Vs India

1-Innings Match Played At Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah, 06-Sep-1991, One Day International

Pakistan Win by 120 runs

Toss won byIndia
Home Side(neutral)
Player of MatchSaeed Anwar
CommentPitch 2B Weather 5
Pakistan 1st Innings 352/7 Closed (Overs 50)

Saeed Anwarc M Azharuddinb Kapil Dev169158124273
Aamer Sohail b C Sharma2241600
Saleem Malikc DB Vengsarkarb C Sharma69701
Javed Miandadc WV Ramanb C Sharma148149122196
Ijaz Ahmed b Kapil Dev4121010
Imran Khan* b M Prabhakar18281730
Moin Khan+ b Kapil Dev05200
Naved Anjumnot out 49300
Wasim Akramdnb
Waqar Younisdnb
Aaqib Javeddnb
extras (b0 lb0 w0 nb1)1
TOTAL 7 wickets for352
1-22(Aamer Sohail) 2-38(Saleem Malik) 3-300(Saeed Anwar) 4-314(Ijaz Ahmed)
5-336(Javed Miandad) 6-344(Moin Khan) 7-352(Imran Khan)
Kapil Dev101713
M Prabhakar100551
J Srinath80600
C Sharma101763
RJ Shastri90640
WV Raman30260
India 1st Innings 232/9 Closed (Overs 50)

RJ Shastrilbwb Waqar Younis8221410
WV Ramanc Naved Anjumb Waqar Younis010400
SV Manjrekar b Wasim Akram29503660
DB Vengsarkar b Waqar Younis18271620
M Azharuddin* b Wasim Akram7114910071
VG Kamblic Imran Khanb Waqar Younis55695380
Kapil Dev b Wasim Akram1221100
M Prabhakar b Waqar Younis27603321
KS More+c Moin Khanb Naved Anjum4372210
C Sharmanot out 9241510
J Srinathdnb
extras (b6 lb0 w3 nb1)10
TOTAL 9 wickets for232
1-4(WV Raman) 2-10(RJ Shastri) 3-49(DB Vengsarkar) 4-67(SV Manjrekar)
5-147(VG Kambli) 6-160(Kapil Dev) 7-202(M Azharuddin) 8-223(M Prabhakar)
9-232(KS More)
Wasim Akram102323
Waqar Younis100565
Imran Khan100390
Aaqib Javed60360
Naved Anjum82331
Aamer Sohail30150
Saleem Malik30150

Saeed Anwar.jpg

Saeed Anwar scored a brilliant 169 to set up a massive total of 352/7 off 50 overs
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Sharjah ODI Tri-Series 1991/2 - Final Points Table

West Indies....4....3....1....6

West Indies and Pakistan make the Final
Pakistan v West Indies - Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - Final - at Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah - 1991/2

Saeed Anwar - Pulled Muscle in Back (miss 2 matches), P.V.Simmons - Stomach Bug (miss 1 match)

With last match century maker Saeed Anwar injured Pakistan went with the experienced opening pair of Rameez Raja and Shoaib Mohammad for the all important Sharjah ODI Tri-Series Final.
A Good Paced Wicket offering help to the Fast and Fast Medium bowlers persauded both teams to select seam heavy attacks and after winning the Toss the West Indies elected to bowl first.
An ODI career best 6-55 to experienced Fast bowler Malcolm Marshall restricted Pakistan to a total of 212/8 off 50 overs with keeper Moin Khan top scoring with a solid 60 to keep his side in the game.
Half centuries to West Indies opener Desmond Haynes and middle order batsman Carl Hooper got their side off to a good start before late wickets lead to a nail biting finish.
With scores level and needing 2 wickets to salvage a Tie Pakistan captain Imran Khan dismissed Curtly Ambrose to bring West Indies Number 11 Courtney Walsh to the crease needing 1 run to win and Pakistan needing 1 wicket for a Tie.
In a dramatic end to the game Walsh lofted Imran to deep midwicket where Pakistan's poorest fielder Aaqib Javed spilled an easy chance and conceded 3 runs to give West Indies a memorable 1 wicket win to win the tournament.
Malcolm Marshall was named Man of the Match for his 6 wicket haul while Pakistan allrounder Wasim Akram was named Player of the Tournament for some consistently outstanding Fast bowling.

Pakistan Vs West Indies

1-Innings Match Played At Sharjah CA Ground, Sharjah, 07-Sep-1991, One Day International

West Indies Win by 1 wkts

Toss won byWest Indies
Home Side(neutral)
Player of MatchMD Marshall
CommentPitch 2B Weather 7
Pakistan 1st Innings 212/8 Closed (Overs 50)

Rameez Raja b MD Marshall03300
Shoaib Mohammad b MD Marshall16512400
Saleem Malik b MD Marshall05300
Javed Miandadc CL Hooperb MD Marshall32382551
Ijaz Ahmedlbwb CA Walsh391177241
Imran Khan* b MD Marshall28402931
Moin Khan+c RB Richardsonb MD Marshall601179230
Naved Anjumlbwb CEL Ambrose12483020
Wasim Akramnot out 17251221
Waqar Younisnot out 4201410
Aaqib Javeddnb
extras (b0 lb0 w2 nb2)4
TOTAL 8 wickets for212
1-0(Rameez Raja) 2-0(Saleem Malik) 3-50(Javed Miandad) 4-50(Shoaib Mohammad)
5-92(Imran Khan) 6-151(Ijaz Ahmed) 7-191(Moin Khan) 8-197(Naved Anjum)
MD Marshall101556
CEL Ambrose102381
CA Walsh101501
WKM Benjamin50280
CL Hooper50160
KLT Arthurton102250
West Indies 1st Innings 215/9 Closed (Overs 46.4)

DL Haynesc Moin Khanb Wasim Akram501157680
CB Lambert b Waqar Younis8201120
RB Richardson*c Ijaz Ahmedb Aaqib Javed26433021
BC Lara b Waqar Younis11141210
CL Hooperc Ijaz Ahmedb Wasim Akram52855660
KLT Arthurtonc Rameez Rajab Waqar Younis30964931
PJL Dujon+c Imran Khanb Wasim Akram12282000
MD Marshallc Wasim Akramb Waqar Younis59700
WKM Benjaminnot out 10231020
CEL Ambrose b Imran Khan3171300
CA Walshnot out 30100
extras (b0 lb0 w2 nb3)5
TOTAL 9 wickets for215
1-12(CB Lambert) 2-48(RB Richardson) 3-66(BC Lara) 4-116(DL Haynes)
5-169(CL Hooper) 6-193(PJL Dujon) 7-198(MD Marshall) 8-203(KLT Arthurton)
9-212(CEL Ambrose)
Wasim Akram101443
Waqar Younis102494
Imran Khan9.41411
Aaqib Javed90361
Naved Anjum60350
Saleem Malik20100

Wasim Akram 2.jpg

Wasim Akram was named Player of the Tournament after Pakistan narrowly lost the Final
Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - in Sharjah - 1991/2 - India Stats

Top Strike Rates min: 0 Runs 0 Dismissals
1DB VengsarkarInd11-181818.0016112.50---2-112.50
2SV ManjrekarInd44-1145728.5014180.85-1-15-80.85
3VG KambliInd4411485549.3318580.00-2-16280.00
4Kapil DevInd43-432614.335874.14---5-74.14
5SR TendulkarInd3314525*22.506668.18---6-68.18
6J SrinathInd21144*-666.67-----66.67
7M AzharuddinInd44-1377134.2522062.27-1-16162.27
8WV RamanInd22-626231.0010260.78-116-60.78
9M PrabhakarInd43-512717.008560.00--13160.00
10C SharmaInd21199*-1560.00---1-60.00
11RJ ShastriInd44-512212.758659.30---8-59.30
12CS PanditInd2222718*-4757.45---1-57.45
13NS SidhuInd22-444122.009247.83---5-47.83
14KS MoreInd21-444.002218.18---1-18.18
15A KumbleInd21133*-2313.04-----13.04

Top Economy Rates min: 0wkts 0ov's
1A KumbleInd218.234632-1915.332.5136.67--2.51
2SLV RajuInd219.518921-4444.504.4959.50--4.49
3RJ ShastriInd430113711-33137.004.57180.00--4.57
4Kapil DevInd438118053-7136.004.7445.60--4.74
5M PrabhakarInd437417853-4235.604.8144.40--4.81
6SR TendulkarInd36-30-0-8-5.00---5.00
7C SharmaInd220310474-2814.865.2017.14--5.20
8J SrinathInd214-96-0-36-6.86---6.86
9WV RamanInd24-30-0-4-7.50---7.50

Top Catches by Fieldsmen
1M AzharuddinInd44
2WV RamanInd22
3VG KambliInd41
4DB VengsarkarInd11

Top Wicket Keeping
1KS MoreInd221-1
2CS PanditInd24--0

Vinod Kambli.jpg

Vinod Kambli topped the India batting averages in his Debut ODI series
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Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - in Sharjah - 1991/2 - Pakistan Stats

Top Strike Rates min: 0 Runs 0 Dismissals
1Saeed AnwarPak11-169169169.00124136.291--273136.29
2Javed MiandadPak55120614851.50201102.491--267102.49
3Zahid FazalPak11-232323.002592.00---4-92.00
4Rameez RajaPak44-878021.759690.62-1212-90.62
5Imran KhanPak54-532813.255989.83--17189.83
6Wasim AkramPak5313117*15.503686.11---3186.11
7Saleem MalikPak54-563014.007970.89--14370.89
8Shoaib MohammadPak44111481*38.0016569.09-1113-69.09
9Moin KhanPak54-766019.0011864.41-114-64.41
10Waqar YounisPak5336236*-10459.62---5359.62
11Ijaz AhmedPak44-773919.2513357.89---10157.89
12Naved AnjumPak221161216.003348.48---2-48.48
13Akram RazaPak21-888.002433.33---1-33.33
14Aaqib JavedPak52-964.503923.08-----23.08
15Aamer SohailPak11-222.001612.50-----12.50
16Mushtaq AhmedPak11----2---1--0.00

Top Economy Rates min: 0wkts 0ov's
1Wasim AkramPak5489163155-2710.873.4019.201-3.40
2Akram RazaPak215-5321-1726.503.5345.00--3.53
3Imran KhanPak549.4617794-2819.673.5633.11--3.56
4Waqar YounisPak548.48216145-5615.434.4420.861-4.44
5Aaqib JavedPak540-18921-3694.504.72120.00--4.72
6Naved AnjumPak21426811-3368.004.8684.00--4.86
7Aamer SohailPak13-15-0-15-5.00---5.00
8Saleem MalikPak514-8111-2681.005.7984.00--5.79
9Mushtaq AhmedPak16-47-0-47-7.83---7.83

Top Catches by Fieldsmen
1Rameez RajaPak44
2Imran KhanPak53
3Saleem MalikPak53
4Javed MiandadPak53
5Wasim AkramPak52
6Ijaz AhmedPak42
7Aaqib JavedPak51
8Naved AnjumPak21

Top Wicket Keeping
1Moin KhanPak5107-7

Javed Miandad.jpg

Javed Miandad was leading Pakistan run scorer for the Sharjah ODI Tri-Series
Sharjah ODI Tri-Series - in Sharjah - 1991/2 - West Indies Stats

Top Strike Rates min: 0 Runs 0 Dismissals
1RC HaynesWI22-443222.004793.62---6293.62
2RB RichardsonWI55-2177643.4024887.50-2-31487.50
3WKM BenjaminWI2211910*19.002673.08---2-73.08
4CL HooperWI441755225.0010770.09-127-70.09
5DL HaynesWI33-895029.6714163.12-1-13-63.12
6PJL DujonWI4329160*91.0014662.33-1-11-62.33
7PV SimmonsWI44-804820.0012962.02---11-62.02
8BC LaraWI55-753615.0012360.98---8-60.98
9CB LambertWI33-1384.332259.09---3-59.09
10KLT ArthurtonWI33-923730.6715658.97---10258.97
11AL LogieWI331331916.506154.10--14-54.10
12D WilliamsWI11-171717.003450.00---1-50.00
13MD MarshallWI43-18116.003748.65---1-48.65
14CA WalshWI22153*5.001435.71-----35.71
15RA HarperWI11-333.001030.00-----30.00
16IR BishopWI432221522.007927.85---1-27.85
17CEL AmbroseWI31-333.001323.08-----23.08
18BP PattersonWI21-333.001520.00-----20.00

Top Economy Rates min: 0wkts 0ov's
1KLT ArthurtonWI315240-0-3-2.67---2.67
2RC HaynesWI21023211-1932.003.2060.00--3.20
3PV SimmonsWI41936153-512.203.2122.80--3.21
4CL HooperWI419266-0-10-3.47---3.47
5RA HarperWI19.113411-3434.003.7155.00--3.71
6CA WalshWI21836843-1817.003.7827.00--3.78
7IR BishopWI42559863-3416.333.9225.00--3.92
8CEL AmbroseWI328211163-2918.503.9628.00--3.96
9BP PattersonWI216-6522-4032.504.0648.00--4.06
10MD MarshallWI4354164116-5514.914.6919.091-4.69
11WKM BenjaminWI211-5244-2413.004.7316.50--4.73

Top Catches by Fieldsmen
1PV SimmonsWI46
2CL HooperWI43
3RB RichardsonWI52
4BC LaraWI52
5KLT ArthurtonWI31
6IR BishopWI41
7MD MarshallWI41
8AL LogieWI31

Top Wicket Keeping
1PJL DujonWI4-3-3
2D WilliamsWI1-2-2

Richie Richardson 2.jpg

West Indies captain Richie Richardson was leading run scorer in the Tournament

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