Kit making tutorial


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Wild Force
Mar 22, 2011

Step 1: Load the Kit Templates attached below.

Step 2: Create a new layer. This will be your basic layer.

Step 3: Change its blending mode to "Multiply". This allows your kits to have the folds and creases in the template.

Step 4: Fill the layer with a color. Keep the shoe and Wristband/Towel (beside collar) area white. Optional: design your own shoe

Step 5: Create another new layer. Keep blending mode in "Normal". This will be your first shape layer with all your kit designs.

Step 6: Create your own shape. Right-click on the layer and click on "Create Clipping Mask". Alternative: Select layer and then press Ctrl+Alt+G.

Step 7: After you create the clipping mask, you will get to see something like this. The clipping mask cuts through the first layer and becomes a part of it, also getting the "Multiply" blending mode.

Step 8: Keep creating more layers with designs, etc. on them and creating clipping masks. In the end you will have your own kit like this.

Step 9: Save the file as .PSD as it keeps the layers you created and you can edit each object separately. Also save a .BMP copy to preview your kits in O-Model/Photoshop. (Search the Resources Forum to know how to do that).

Step 10: To get your kits in the game. Extract a .FSH file from the data.gob file and import you .PSD/.BMP file into the .FSH file. (There are various tutorials on how to do that in the Resources Forum).

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