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Apr 21, 2012
THE DRAW - part one
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2014 - Seed 1 - @ahmedleo414
2014 - Seed 2 - @VC the slogger

2015 - Seed 1 - @Pinch hitter
2015 - Seed 2 - @TSPrathik (random)

2016 - Seed 1 - @Naman7
2016 - Seed 2 - @Manish.

2017 - Seed 1 - @Till Valhalla
2017 - Seed 2 - @Khan Sahab54

2018 - Seed 1 - @RUDI
2018 - Seed 2 - @mohsin7827 (random)

2019 - Seed 1 - @Mijurkat
2019 - Seed 2 - @NILAYSHAH60

2020 - Seed 1 - @Neptune
2020 - Seed 2 - @ddrap14 (random)

2021 - Seed 1 - @CerealKiller
2021 - Seed 2 - @AsadRM/@CooldiPargi

Starting off, we have the 2014 draw with ahmedleo414 and VC the slogger. The outcomes for both are - 'Cricket at the 17th Asian Games' and 'Haier Cup Pakistan I'.
All participants from both leagues are put into two separate lists (in order of final rankings), and the outcome for each respective list is 'Hong Kong' and 'Karachi Dolphins'.

Therefore, @ahmedleo414 will be managing Hong Kong from Cricket at the Asian Games and @VC the slogger will be managing Karachi Dolphins from Haier Cup Pakistan I.

HONG KONG - Cricket at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon

SEED - 2014-S1

The thread of the league was lost to the Quantum Realm (repurposed as a Sandbox), so I took the medal tally from the official wikipedia page and got Hong Kong.
The squad, originally posted by VC the slogger, was one of the few original posts reserved from the league's thread that I still have access to (luckily).

:ar: Irfan Ahmed
:bat: Skhawat Ali
:bat: Manoj Cheruparambil
:wkb: Waqas Barkat

:wk: James Atkinson :c:
:bat: Sam Hain (the Malaysians were allowed to select Suppiah..)
:ar: Mark Chapman - Slow left-arm orthodox

:bat: Zain Abbas
:bat: Babar Hayat
:ar: Nizakat Khan - Right-arm legbreak

:ar: Ashish Gadhia
:ar: Max Tucker
:ar: Tanvir Afzal

:bwl: Haseeb Amjad
:bwl: Aizaz Khan
:bwl: Ehsan Nawaz

:ar: Najeeb Amar
:bwl: Nadeem Ahmed
KARACHI DOLPHINS - Haier One-Day Championship Pakistan (Haier Cup Pakistan I)

SEED - 2014-S2

First time I won a league managed by VC the slogger was with a team named Karachi Dolphins. Would you look at the kismet here. o.O

:wi: :os: :ar: Chris Gayle
:pak: :local: :bat: Shahzaib Hasan

:pak: :local: :bat: Khalid Latif
:pak: :local: :wkb: Kamran Akmal
:pak: :local: :bat: Azeem Ghumman

:pak: :local: :bat: Fawad Alam :c:
:pak: :local: :ar: Shoaib Malik
:ind: :os: :ar: Suresh Raina
:eng: :os: :wkb: Jos Buttler
:wi: :os: :ar: Kieron Pollard

:pak: :local: :ar: Abdul Razzaq
:aus: :os: :ar: James Faulkner

:pak: :local: :bwl: Tanvir Ahmed
:nz: :os: :bwl: Tim Southee
:pak: :local: :bwl: Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan
:afg: :os: :bwl: Shapoor Zadran

:nz: :os: :ar: Daniel Vettori
:pak: :local: :bwl: Raza Hasan

2015 - Pinch hitter and TSPrathik are in the second draw. The two respective outcomes for both users are 'PC Champions League XIV' and 'Haier Cup Pakistan II'.
Tottenham Hotspur from PC Champions League XIV and Punjab Lions from Haier Cup Pakistan II are the respective outcomes for Pinch hitter and TSPrathik.

Therefore, @Pinch hitter will be managing Tottenham Hotspur from PC Champions League XIV and @TSPrathik will be managing Punjab Lions from Haier Cup Pakistan II.


SEED - 2015-S1

This is one of the best teams on-paper in this league, no cap.

:eng: :local: :bat: Kevin Pietersen
:ind: :os: :bat: Virat Kohli :c:
:sco: :local: :bat: Gavin Hamilton

:saf: :os: :wk: AB de Villiers
:ire: :local: :wk: Niall O'Brien
:eng: :local: :wk: Steven Davies
:ind: :os: :ar: Yuvraj Singh
:can: :os: :ar: Rizwan Cheema

:ind: :os: :ar: Ravindra Jadeja

:eng: :local: :bwl: Stuart Meaker
:eng: :local: :bwl: Steven Finn
:eng: :local: :bwl: Boyd Rankin
:sco: :local: :ar: Josh Davey
:ire: :local: :bwl: Peter Connell
:eng: :local: :bwl: David Payne
:pak: :os: :bwl: Junaid Khan

:nz: :os: :ar: Daniel Vettori
:pak: :os: :bwl: Saeed Ajmal
PUNJAB LIONS - Haier Cup Pakistan II

SEED - 2015-S2

Big names and local talent, balanced and extensive squad. Should do very well if managed properly.

:aus: :os: :bat: David Warner
:aus: :os: :bat: Aiden Blizzard
:pak: :local: :bat: Khurram Manzoor
:pak: :local: :bat: Shan Masood
:pak: :local: :bat: Imran Nazir

:sco: :os: :bat: Kyle Coetzer
:pak: :local: :ar: Mohammad Hafeez :c:
:pak: :local: :bat: Sami Aslam

:nzf: :os: :bat: Kane Williamson - Right-arm offbreak
:saf: :os: :bat: Faf du Plessis
:wi: :os: :ar: Dwayne Bravo

:pak: :local: :ar: Hammad Azam
:ire: :os: :wk: Niall O'Brien
:pak: :local: :wk: Adnan Akmal

:aus: :os: :ar: Mitchell Marsh
:pak: :local: :ar: Bilawal Bhatti
:pak: :local: :wk: Gulraiz Sadaf

:pak: :local: :bwl: Rahat Ali
:sri: :os: :bwl: Lasith Malinga
:pak: :local: :bwl: Tanvir Ahmed
:pak: :local: :bwl: Aizaz Cheema
:pak: :local: :ar: Wahab Riaz

:pak: :local: :ar: Mohammad Nawaz
:pak: :local: :bwl: Usama Mir

2016 - the year of 12 leagues, most I've run in a single year. Naman7 and Manish. have drawn and Amjad Sabri Memorial One-Day game and Royal London One-Day Cup.
Jeez, Naman7 came looking for a pot of gold and struck down a sewer. He has drawn (Pakistani) Showbiz Stars XI whereas Manish. has drawn Leeds Vikings.

@Naman7 is going to manage Showbiz Stars XI from Amjad Sabri Memorial One-Day Game and @Manish. is going to manage Leeds Vikings from Royal London One-Day Cup.

SHOWBIZ STARS XI - Amjad Sabri Memorial One-Day Game

SEED - 2016-S1

Sorry you've found yourself in a situation where it's just 13 non-cricketers, not even a full squad. At least you got Atif Aslam?

:pak: :local: :bat: Fahad Mustafa
:pak: :local: :bat: Danish Taimoor
:pak: :local: :bat: Humayun Saeed :c:
:pak: :local: :bat: Faisal Qureshi
:pak: :local: :bat: Ijaz Aslam
:pak: :local: :ar: Fakhar-E-Alam
:pak: :local: :bat: Nauman Ijaz
:pak: :local: :ar: Sahir Lodhi
:pak: :local: :bwl: Fawad Khan
:pak: :local: :bwl: Atif Aslam
:pak: :local: :bwl: Waseem Badami
:pak: :local: :wk: Saud
:pak: :local: :bwl: Ahsan Khan
LEEDS VIKING - Royal London One-Day Cup

SEED - 2016-S2

Your middle-order might be of little worry, but that's another very strong squad.

:eng: :local: :bat: Alastair Cook :c:

:saf: :os: :wkb: AB de Villiers
:den: :local: :bat: Shehzad Ahmed
:den: :local: :bat: Rizwan Mehmood

:wi: :os: :bat: Marlon Samuels
:aus: :os: :bat: George Bailey

:sco: :local: :ar: Matt Machan - Right-arm offbreak
:eng: :local: :ar: Ben Stokes
:nzf: :os: :ar: Corey Anderson

:eng: :local: :ar: Tim Bresnan
:ind: :os: :ar: Ravindra Jadeja
:nzf: :local: :ar: James Franklin
:pak: :local: :ar: Yasir Arafat

:eng: :local: :bwl: Steven Finn
:pak: :os: :bwl: Mohammad Aamir
:ind: :os: :bwl: Bhuvneshwar Kumar
:sco: :local: :ar: Josh Davey
:eng: :local: :bwl: Mark Footitt

Halfway mark, we're at 2017 now. Till Valhalla and Khan Sahab54 have lucked-out with 2007 Champions League Twenty20 and 2005 Champions League Twenty20.
Makes sense since I ran four CLT20s that year. Till Valhalla has drawn Highveld Lions and Khan Sahab54 has drawn Faisalabad Wolves - two T20 teams in a List-A knockout.

@Till Valhalla gets Highveld Lions from 2007 Champions League Twenty20 and @Khan Sahab54 will manage Faisalabad Wolves from 2005 Champions League Twenty20.

HIGHVELD LIONS - 2007 Champions League Twenty20

SEED - 2017-S1

Middle of the road squad if I'm being honest, especially compared to Tottenham, Karachi, Leeds and Punjab. And it's off-format too.

:saf: :local: :bat: Alviro Petersen
:saf: :local: :bat: Stephen Cook
:saf: :local: :bat: Blake Snijman

:saf: :local: :bat: Neil McKenzie :c:
:saf: :local: :ar: Tyron Henderson
:saf: :local: :wkb: Vaughan van Jaarsveld

:saf: :local: :ar: Justin Ontong - Right-arm offbreak
:saf: :local: :bat: Dumisa Makalima

:saf: :local: :ar: Eugene Moleon
:saf: :local: :ar: Shane Burger

:saf: :local: :bwl: Garnett Kruger
:saf: :local: :bwl: Friedal de Wet
:saf: :local: :bwl: Gerhard de Bruin

:saf: :local: :ar: Werner Coetsee
:saf: :local: :bwl: Claude Henderson
FAISALABAD WOLVES - 2005 Champions League Twenty20

SEED - 2017-S2

This squad got bronze in a three-league tournament.

:pak: :local: :bat: Abdul Mannan
:pak: :local: :ar: Mohammad Hafeez
:pak: :local: :bat: Asif Hussain - Right-arm offbreak

:pak: :local: :bat: Khurram Shehzad
:pak: :local: :bat: Naved Latif :c:
:pak: :local: :ar: Ijaz Ahmed Jr.

:pak: :local: :ar: Imran Khalid
:pak: :local: :bat: Imran Ali
:pak: :local: :wk: Mohammad Salman
:pak: :local: :wk: Mohammad Zaman

:pak: :local: :ar: Asad Ali
:pak: :local: :bwl: Samiullah Khan
:pak: :local: :bwl: Ahmed Hayat
:pak: :local: :bwl: Shahid Nazir

:pak: :local: :bwl: Saeed Ajmal

That's all for now, will draw the other half tonight.​
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SHOWBIZ STARS XI - Amjad Sabri Memorial One-Day Game​
SEED - 2016-S1​
Sorry you've found yourself in a situation where it's just 13 non-cricketers, not even a full squad. At least you got Atif Aslam?​
:pak: :local: :bat: Fahad Mustafa​
:pak: :local: :bat: Danish Taimoor​
:pak: :local: :bat: Humayun Saeed :c:
:pak: :local: :bat: Faisal Qureshi​
:pak: :local: :bat: Ijaz Aslam​
:pak: :local: :ar: Fakhar-E-Alam​
:pak: :local: :bat: Nauman Ijaz​
:pak: :local: :ar: Sahir Lodhi​
:pak: :local: :bwl: Fawad Khan​
:pak: :local: :bwl: Atif Aslam​
:pak: :local: :bwl: Waseem Badami​
:pak: :local: :wk: Saud​
:pak: :local: :bwl: Ahsan Khan​


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